SIIA Welcomes Administration’s Artificial Intelligence Report; Praises Focus on Social Good

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SIIA Welcomes Administration’s Artificial Intelligence Report; Praises Focus on Social Good

SIIA today commended the Obama Administration for emphasizing the critical transformative benefits of Artificial Intelligence and its potential to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges and improve people’s lives. “Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence,” released today by the White House, recognizes that AI has already begun to transform and improve the way we work, communicate, learn and live our daily lives.

SIIA’s Senior Vice President of Public Policy, Mark MacCarthy, said, “We believe the greatest challenge facing AI is that there might not be enough of it. For this reason, we applaud the Administration’s thoughtful policy recommendations to promote the wider use of AI for social good. The Administration rightfully proposes a risk-based approach to new policies and regulations, one that strives to minimize costs and barriers to innovation, while seeking to ensure continued market fairness and consumer safety.”

SIIA endorses the Administration’s recommendation that AI-based systems used to make consequential decisions about individuals should be validated for efficacy and fairness, a practice that is required under existing consumer protection and non-discrimination regulations – and that effectively applies to new AI technologies.

SIIA will soon release an issue brief on algorithmic fairness that recommends a collaborative approach to establish a framework of responsible use of big data analytics, including AI. MacCarthy recently wrote about this topic for InfoWorld Magazine. In the coming months, SIIA will also release a study on AI and the future of work that will complement the Administration’s upcoming report on the economic effects of AI.