SIIA and Business Coalition Call on Congress to Support Education Funding

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SIIA and Business Coalition Call on Congress to Support Education Funding

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 25, 2016) – Together with a broad coalition of companies, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) today sent a letter urging Senate and House appropriators to fully fund the Student Support and Academic Enrichment block grant program, authorized in the Every Student Succeeds Act. The letter, which SIIA helped organize, also asks appropriators to keep the funding distributed through a formula – not through a competitive process that works against disadvantaged communities.

SIIA Senior Vice President of Public Policy Mark MacCarthy issued the following statement:

“Members of Congress frequently point to the critical role of technology in closing gaps in educational opportunities. Now, by adequately funding the Student Support and Academic Enrichment program, Congress has an opportunity to take a significant step towards ensuring technology gives all students the opportunity to succeed. 

“This program was authorized for the first time with an over-whelming bipartisan vote last December. Appropriators now need to follow through on their commitment to student success by appropriating to the levels they authorized.”

In the letter, the signers say they “are united by a common commitment to improving access to a quality education which increasingly demands the availability and effective use of technology. As companies that employ millions of Americans and fuel job creation and economic growth, we also rely on the nation’s schools to provide a skilled, high-tech workforce...”

The Student Support and Academic Enrichment program is a flexible grant opportunity for school districts to identify and support their local needs, including college and career guidance, STEM, computer science, and dropout prevention. Recognizing the increasing importance of technology in the classroom, the program also provides critical support for teacher professional development in effectively using technology.

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