Volunteer Opportunities With AM&P Network’s Associations Council

Make career-long connections by joining a volunteer group as part of AM&P Network’s Association Council. Members who actively volunteer within our committees, working groups and initiatives are able to connect with the community and strengthen the ties that lead to learning new skills, career advancement, and lasting friendships and connections.

The Associations Council is dedicated to media professionals working in association publishing. We’ve developed new and evolving volunteer opportunities that allow our community to strengthen its programming and benefits to the membership at the same time as building your own personal professional network.

Here’s a look at the opportunities for members:

Subject Matter Experts wanted

Go on, toot your own horn! We’re looking for subject matter experts in areas of audience development, content creation, revenue, technology, events, marketing and subscription based topics. 

Share your expertise with your peers within AM&P Network. This is a great way to share your knowledge, contribute to our community and grow your network of peers. 

By providing your information and SME areas here, we may reach out to you to ask for your involvement in any number of SIIA or AM&P Network programs, based on your area(s) of expertise. This might include speaking opportunities, inclusion in articles or other content, or other opportunities that arise throughout the many AM&P Network offerings.

Content Contributors Pool - Signature magazine
Share your expertise with your peers within AM&P Network and build your personal professional brand by seeing your content published in Signature magazine, AM&P Network newsletters and other content outlets. This is a great way to share your knowledge, build your portfolio, and contribute to our community.
Resource Directory Working Group

Help develop a valuable resource for our community by joining the working group to build the AM&P Network Resource Directory. This working group will be charged with developing the outline of resources to be included and to collect samples of those resources. You’ll have your fingers on the most current, relevant resources for the publishing industry and be able to steer this project by rolling up your sleeves and building out this highly valued benefit.

Community Engagement Committee

AM&P Network is the place to build your community! And what better way to build and grow your own network than by helping AM&P Network plan and launch community engagement opportunities. You’ll be part of a group that plans informal social gatherings (virtual and in person) and champions engagement in our Slack community. Join this new group to help build and brighten your network and our community!

EXCEL Committee

Provide guidance and advice to the next EXCEL Awards program by joining the EXCEL Awards committee. Serve as an EXCEL judge, help to recruit judges, and aid in in-person judging once we return to in-person. You’ll also have the opportunity to influence clarification of program rules, marketing and promotions, as well as encouraging your peers to submit entries to this elite awards program for association publishing.

Events Committee

Be an influential part of planning the event experiences for associations publishing pros within AM&P Network. The 2021-2022 events calendar will be a new evolution of offerings from AM&P Network, each designed to dive deep into the needs of association content creators and take a broad look at the media landscape. This committee’s work will focus on the programmatic content that is specific to association publishing during AM&P Network events. You’ll also be influential in designing and executing the event experience, and you may work cross-functionally with other members of AM&P Network in other programmatic capacities — a great way to broaden your own network.

Lunch & Learn Committee

The Lunch & Learn committee provides highly valuable, relevant learnings to association publishing professionals throughout AM&P Network. This committee works together to design and plan the bimonthly Lunch & Learn series (currently virtual) by developing topics of interest, crafting the learning opportunities, and securing top industry professionals to present to our community. As this programmatic year continues, we anticipate our Lunch & Learn program to evolve to include in-person events once again. Broaden your own network, learn and build community with your peers by joining this collegial and hard-working committee.

DEI Initiative

The AM&P Network’s Associations Council is committed to anti-racism and eliminating other prejudices and to elevating equity in all areas of our community. Get involved to continue the work of the DEI initiative in its next phase throughout 2021-2022. Your involvement will continue the volunteer-driven work outlined in the Associations Council DEI Statement, and influence larger SIIA-led initiatives related to DEI progress.

Freelance Connections Committee

The Freelance Connections Committee develops programs and activities that foster networking and build community among freelancer/sole-proprietor and association employee members, as well from freelancer to freelancer. Help build these connections within our community and strengthen your own network by planning programs and events geared to connecting freelancer/sole-proprietor members with prospective clients, and nonprofit organization members with potential outside resources.

Membership Committee

Help grow and build the AM&P Network and Associations Council! By joining the Membership Committee, help steer the volunteer-driven membership engagement strategies that build our community. Your insights will be influential in developing prospective membership campaigns, as well as recruitment and retention efforts made by the SIIA staff.

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