Breakfast & Learn - July 24

Breakfast & Learn: Navigating Editorial and Production Services Like a Pro

This session will help leadership, editorial, and production personnel effectively manage freelancers, vendors, and inside staff to increase efficiency and output and reduce costs.

It doesn’t matter if you publish peer-reviewed journals, white papers, books, newsletters, or a website, you need to have a plan in place for managing essential editorial and production tasks—that goes without saying. Despite the “best laid plans”, however, there are times when even the most experienced, best-organized publication managers get tripped up, with the result almost always being additional expenditures and/or lost time. As you think about your own plan for managing editorial and production tasks, consider whether you’ve given careful thought to all of the items in the following top ten list. The tips in this list will help you anticipate or avoid these all-too-common-pitfalls.

Some example tips include:

  1. Vet your freelancers!
  2. Use tools to track key dates and other essential information for your projects.
  3. Create in-house guidelines for copy editing and typesetting.
  4. Consider typesetting templates.
  5. Create boilerplate email and other communications that staff and freelancers can use when communicating with authors.
  6. Track changes.
  7. Preflight art well before you go to page proofs. 
  8. Use the latest version(s) of essential software.
  9. Do the calculus on in-house expenditures vs. freelance vs. vendor-based solutions.
  10. Perform a postmortem on each and every project.


Tom Hartmann Tom Hartmann
Business Development Manager, Westchester Publishing Services

Kimberly Bryson Kimberly Bryson
Operations Director, American Chemical Society

Event Details

July 24, 2019

AM&P/Connectiv Offices
21 West 46th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10036

9:00 - 10:30 am EST

AM&P Members: $20
Guest/Non-Member Employee of Member Organization: $30
Non-Member: $50

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