AM&P Webinar: March 26, 2019

AM&P Webinar:
Getting It Done With No Budget

Geared for the small association — or larger ones operating their publishing activities on a shoestring — this webinar takes on several publishing-related challenges and demonstrates how to get them done with little or no budget.


Mike RegennitterMike Regennitter
Executive Director and Publisher, Mercedes-Benz Club of America

Mike Regennitter is the executive director and publisher for Mercedes-Benz Club of America – a 30,000 membership organization. He is also the founder of Intelligent Nonprofits. With 20-years of association publishing experience, he's navigated the fast-changing business climate to keep associations relevant in today's environment.

Mark RuthmanMark Ruthman
Product Manager,American Medical Association Health Solutions Group

Mark Ruthman is a Product Manager at the American Medical Association Health Solutions Group. He has been in association publishing product development and management for over 14 years, responsible for digital products, content marketing and repurposing, interactive tools, licensing/integration/syndication, and web/app platform user experience and analytics for book, journal, and multimedia content. 


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March 26, 2019

11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

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Non-Members: $199

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