Virtual Roundtable--DEI Accessibility in Publishing

AM&P Virtual Roundtable: DEI Accessibility in Publishing

Accessibility is often dismissed as something that’s too expensive or just not practical to be considered in mainstream publishing endeavors. But the truth is accessibility is something content creators can’t overlook. While lack of accessibility can keep disabled or marginalized people from engaging, more and more non-disabled people have come to take certain accessibility aids as given without realizing it.

  • If you’ve ever used zoom on your smartphone: You’ve used an accessibility aid. 
  • If you’ve ever adjusted the volume on the TV or stereo: You’ve used an accessibility aid. 
  • If you’ve ever dictated a note to a smart assistant: You’ve used an accessibility aid. 

However, there are many more ways association publishers can and should make their content more accessible. That’s what we’re going to talk about …


Thomas MarcettiThomas Marcetti
Associate Editor, Signature magazine and Kaló Media

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October 23, 2020
1-2  p.m. ET

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