Convince Your Boss

Whether it’s buy-in from your boss or getting the budget to send your team, here are highlights to help get you to AMPLIFY, AM&P Network’s Content & Marketing Summit. 

To help you make your pitch, here are a few talking points worth mentioning:


Industry experts and thought leaders bring best-in-class content and marketing insights for all aspects of media and publishing for B2B, association, niche, and subscription publishing.


WIth sessions covering Content Strategies and Marketing Strategies, the array of topics is so wide you can easily bring back not only actionable ideas for you, but maybe the whole team or other departments.


Peer-to-peer learning, community roundtables, and hands-on activities provide a plethora of opportunities to learn and hone practical skills and strategies you can implement the first day you’re back to work. Plus sessions are CAE-eligible for those looking to earn credits. It’s practically a two-for-one sale. Who doesn’t love those?

Industry Service Providers

Thanks to AMPLIFY partners, you have the chance to see and learn about the trends, technologies, and innovations in media and publishing. You can scout out specific needs your boss has in mind, or you might stumble across a solution for a pain point you didn’t realize you had.


Bringing together such a large and varied community of association publishing, marketing, and communication experts makes AMPLIFY the best place to learn and share best practices, new revenue ideas, successful initiatives, and more. Stress that “new revenue;” bosses like that one.
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