AMPLIFY Call for Speakers is now open

Call for Speakers closes February 6, 2023

If you are a thought leader in content and marketing strategies, AMPLIFY 2023 is your  opportunity to share what you know, receive recognition, and expand your professional network. We’re looking for inspiring and insightful speakers to share their knowledge on topics “the doers” of the AM&P Network face every day.

Topic Areas

AMPLIFY programming will be organized in two tracks: Content Strategies and Marketing Strategies. Below are topics that have been identified as focus areas for this event. 

Marketing Strategies

  • How to think like a marketer

  • Content marketing for associations

  • Managing communication campaigns

  • Finding new revenue sources

  • Content’s role in the marketing funnel 

  • Audience engagement 

  • What every CMO wants you to know

  • Data-driven decisions: New content metrics to watch

  • New marketing strategies to revive your publishing efforts

  • Member recruitment content strategy

Content Strategies

  • Do-it-yourself podcasting
  • Managing volunteers in an era of exhaustion
  • Proactively planning for accessibility
  • Scholarly publishing: Managing content peer review
  • Scholarly publishing: Open access in scholarly journals
  • Scholarly publishing: Accessibility 
  • New publishing technologies
  • Digital presence for your magazine
  • Storytelling tactics
  • Managing content for a global organization
  • Finance 101 for content leaders
  • Small team, big impact
  • State of the print industry, supply chain update

We’re also looking for sessions on:

  • Organizational and individual allyship

  • Embracing neurodiversity in your team

  • Publishing and marketing collaborations

  • Career paths: Emerging media leader to veteran pro

  • Career paths: From media to c-suite

  • Building your personal brand

  • Leadership development

Speaker Benefits

As a selected speaker, you’ll receive:

    • A day pass to AMPLIFY 2023 on your speaking day
    • Discounted rate to attend the additional event day
    • Concierge speaker support, including customized promotional material for social media 
    • Peer support for session content development


AM&P Network members represent an active community of large B2B publishing houses, specialized publishers, associations, and nonprofit publishers.

AMPLIFY participants share one characteristic: they have their finger on the pulse of media and publishing in nonprofit and for-profit organizations—media professionals who drive strategy and  value creation for their media brands.

AMPLIFY participants are journalists, editors, communicators, and marketers looking for actionable takeaways: concrete practical tips and the strategy behind them.

AMPLIFY participants lead media and content teams as Director or Vice President of Content, Marketing, Communications, and other adjacent teams. They are editors in chief and managing editors, marketing directors, and content specialists tasked with executing new and innovative approaches to content creation and dissemination.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

AM&P Network’s Associations Council is committed to anti-racism and eliminating other prejudices and to elevating equity in all areas of our community. As we stand up against inequality, we will actively honor all voices from marginalized groups or communities.  Through these values, AM&P Network is dedicated to integrating topics related to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion throughout the AMPLIFY 2023 program, as well as elevating representation of historically marginalized communities by incorporating such individuals as speakers, panelists, and engaged participants in its program. We encourage and invite members of marginalized communities to apply.  Read the full statement.  Code of Conduct All SIIA spaces and events are governed by a code of conduct. From events to online platforms, communities, and communications, we take this policy seriously. This policy protects and applies to everyone involved in the SIIA community. This includes all members, guests, volunteers, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. We expect participants in our community to act in what SIIA considers to be a professional manner. Read the full code.

General guidelines

Speaker Eligibility

  • ALL speakers must be named as part of this submission process. Please do not complete your application with placeholders or unnamed co-presenters.
  • NEW: Industry Service Providers are encouraged, but are not required, to co-present with an association or media brand contact. Commercial bias will not be acceptable in session pitches or session content. Application must show compelling, authentic session description and practical takeaways. No sales pitches.
  • Industry Service Provider (agencies, consultants, vendors, etc.) speaking opportunities are reserved for AM&P Network members only. Non-member Industry Service Providers are not eligible to speak.
  • Speaker applicant and subsequent session must observe all intellectual property rights.

Submission Process

During the open call for speakers, all submissions must be received through the Call for Speakers form. 

Complete submissions will be vetted by the AMPLIFY programming committee–a multi-disciplinary team of AM&P Network members. While your submission should be thorough, the committee may reach out to applicants during the review process to gain further clarity on the submission.

Speaker acceptances will be shared according to the timeline below. Speakers must confirm their intent to speak.

As often happens, AM&P Network may receive more valuable and worthwhile session pitches than we can fit in this event’s program. If your session is not selected for AMPLIFY, we may reach out to you to share your expertise in other ways, such as a webinar or written article.

Important Dates

    • Call for Speakers opens: Monday, January 9
    • Call for Speakers closes: Monday, February 6
    • Speaker notifications: Monday, March 6
    • Speaker confirmation/intent to speak: Friday, March 10

Tips for Your Pitch

  • Identify which of the marketing or content strategies listed above that your proposed presentation will most closely address.
  • Try to assemble a diverse panel of speakers representing different backgrounds and viewpoints. 
  • Write your pitch from the perspective of the attendee. What will they get out of the session? Consider including three to five learning points that they can take away from your presentation.
  • If possible, create a general outline listing the order in which each person will speak and what their general topic will be..
  • Consider what type of resources you plan to include.
    • For example, a PowerPoint, an accompanying white paper, and any relevant “takeaways” such as checklists or forms.
  • Decide if your presentation will include audience participation (for example, fielding multiple-choice questions or polling the audience and sharing the “winning” answers). 

Meet the AMPLIFY 2023 Speakers

Davide Savenije

Editor-in-Chief, Industry Dive

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Hannah Glover

Editor-in-Chief, Money-Media

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Marlene Hendrickson

Senior Director, Marketing and Publishing, American Staffing Association

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Racquel Jemison

Program Manager, American Chemical Society

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Sabrina J. Ashwell

Senior copyeditor, Chemical & Engineering News, American Chemical Society

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Sondra Hadden

Senior Director of Audience Growth Marketing & Retention, Industry Dive

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