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Ed-Fi AllianceEd-Fi Alliance
Ed-Fi securely and seamlessly connects educational data systems, empowering educators with a complete view of every student, classroom, and school.

The first step to integrating multiple data systems is standardization—the technical term for making sure every app and piece of software records data in the same way. By establishing a practical, flexible set of rules for how student information should be recorded and stored, the Ed-Fi Data Standard allows a school’s myriad systems to finally speak the same “language”. Ed-Fi allows schools to pull in data from many different systems, so that a true, real time and complete picture of your student surfaces enabling educators to do what they do best, support student success all along the way.

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Dell Boomi   Dell Boomi
Dell Boomi, an independent business unit of Dell, brings far greater organizational speed and agility to any business.

The Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS) dramatically transforms the way an organization can connect, create, manage and govern their applications and data. By tapping the power of a true native-cloud iPaaS, companies can significantly shorten project times, reduce costs, and streamline resource demands.

Our platform makes it quick and easy to connect any combination of on-premise or cloud-based applications to automate workflows throughout an organization. It also includes robust support for MDM, API and EDI integration technologies, all based on one unified, “low-code” development environment.


Educational Systemics   EducationalSystemics
Educational Systemics is a service organization offering both breadth and depth of experience in education, technology, and business planning for the K-12 market. Educational Systemics’ mission is to improve teaching and learning in schools by working closely with K-12 businesses to conceptualize, design, develop, position, and identify sales opportunities for products that address the education community. Our President, Michael Jay, hosts a monthly internet-based radio show called Education Table Talk in which three industry leaders discuss topics important those who serve pK-12 education in a fast paced, entertaining format. (

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Skuid   Skuid
Skuid is the world’s first and leading no-code cloud platform for rapid digital innovation. With Skuid, organizations quickly design and deploy enterprise apps that easily connect to existing data sources and create unmatched user experiences. The result is business agility and innovation through improved applications for CRM, HCM, and ERP.

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edWeb   edWeb

MCH knows education. After decades of helping educators, students and families, the K-12 and childcare markets are near to our hearts. Founded on the publishing and distribution of children’s books, MCH has grown into a data intelligence company that commits the same care and quality to our B2B clients as we did directly with schools and families. Our years of experience helps clients target the right people in which to build strong relationships. For more information about our data and intelligence services, visit or email


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