Greetings, AM&P members.

Your existing content is a gold mine, but it isn’t worth much if you can’t bring it to the surface! Potential members will only see value in your content if it’s presented in an engaging, personalized, and relevant fashion. In this session, you’ll learn how associations can increase membership, grow non-dues revenue and boost meeting attendance through an intelligent marriage of technology and the content you’ve already created.


Lev Kaye, Founder and CEO, CredSpark

When you’re looking for story ideas, start by mining the conversations on your social media channels. This presentation includes ideas on how to take your storytelling and relevancy to the next level by identifying hot topics through social media — and how to distinguish a good story idea from one that appears to be relevant to your association’s mission and industry, but actually may not be.


Ande Leslie , Marketing Manager, SmithBucklin Content

For the redesign of the Academy of Model Aeronautics flagship publication, Model Aviation magazine, the Academy’s creative team worked with internal stakeholders through an intensive discovery process to create a foundation of strategy that informed a complete redesign of this over 80-year-old magazine. The session will cover design and tactics explored for the redesign to help drive reader engagement.


Kyle Jaracz, Education Director, Academy of Model Aeronautics

Perhaps never before have terms like diversity, inclusion, and equity been more on the minds of individuals and corporate America. While some association publishing teams have new awareness initiatives in place, others are unsure of what they need to change in their content and communication strategies and policies. This session shares case study highlights from two different associations, previews a new D&I initiative at AM&P’s Signature magazine, and reserves time at the end for the audience to ponder some sensitive but important questions on the topic of diversity and inclusion in publishing.


Carla Kalogeridis, President, Kaló Media, LLC

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is committed to transforming the lives of people affected by muscular dystrophy, ALS, and related neuromuscular diseases. As communicators, you need to be able to reach your audience in a way that is relevant, engaging, and timely while also addressing the most important messages your community needs. In this session, learn strategies and tips for cause-driven organizations to leverage content when it matters the most.


Joe Stella, VP, Association Growth, GLC

Books and e-books are central to many association publications programs, and there are special challenges and opportunities in this content-development area. Three association book publishers will share their insights on their small to large book operations and lead the conversation about the key role book publishing can play in associations. This session will include: 1) tips and strategies for successful book acquisitions, production, marketing/fulfillment, and digital publishing; 2) dos and don’ts in developing or growing your book-publishing program; and 3) rich discussion opportunities to help us build a community of book specialists sharing knowledge through AM&P to foster this core area of association publications.


David Beacom, Principal Advisor, David Beacom Strategies LLC

Teresa Brinati, Director of Publishing, Society of American Archivists

Writers and publishers are asked to contribute to a growing range of association products with fewer resources, but there’s good news: Other people are already developing much of the content. You just need to learn to repurpose it. The panel will share practical ways to turn a few days’ worth of event material into fresh content that gets you to the next conference and might even generate revenue. Bring questions and suggestions about how to maximize any association’s conference content.


Randy Ford, Principal & Founder, First Story Strategies

In October 2018, CUES launched a new content hub for CU Management at, bringing together a variety of content - including its membership magazine, online columns, blog posts, podcasts, videos and whitepapers - into one easy-to-navigate website. Learn why a content hub aligned with the association’s strategy and how it designed and built a new site in under 10 months. You will leave with the 10 practical ideas to consider when designing a new website, including:

  • research to conduct before and during site design,
  • how to incorporate personalization and rich content into your site,
  • best practices for site testing,
  • on-page advertising considerations,
  • online ADA compliance and more.


Theresa Witham, Managing Editor/Publisher, CUES