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Best Mathematics Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional product that offers mathematics curriculum and content for students in the PK-12 or postsecondary market. Includes managed classroom/course-based instruction or online supplemental instruction for students so they can learn and apply mathematics concepts and methods. Provides for deep learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment, and reflects current curriculum practice.

SpringBoard Digital - College Board (SpringBoard), The

All students, including high-performing students, benefit from student-centered curricula like SpringBoard Digital yet many digital solutions lack collaborative, open workspaces that encourage the skills and practices required by the Common Core. SpringBoard Digital is different. SpringBoard Digital maximizes the opportunities for students and teachers to interact, allowing them to become competent in teamwork and 21st Century skills needed for tomorrow's jobs. SpringBoard Digital is a College and Career Readiness English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum that is comprehensive, highly interactive, and accessible 24/7 on any device. Teachers can personalize lessons; pinpoint standards; grade, track, and report student progress; and extend the classroom conversation with communication tools. Editable lesson plans, pacing calendars, curriculum maps, and support videos allow differentiation. Students have collaboration tools and can add sticky notes, annotations, highlights or mark-ups, they can post questions, reactions or comments, and can draw and upload multimedia. Mathematics editions include additional virtual manipulatives. Students and teachers connect through a student's personal workspace where teachers can respond, motivate, and suggest resources in a private, personal way. All this interactivity helps teachers encourage students to dig deeper and learn more with the high-rigor SpringBoard curriculum.

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    College Board (SpringBoard), The Logo

    Hybridge - Compass Learning

    For K-8 teachers that want to effectively implement blended learning in their math curriculum instruction, Hybridge learning acceleration software from Compass Learning seamlessly bridges face-to-face and digital instruction from the start. With Hybridge, teachers have the option to create their own assignments and build a standards-aligned curriculum or match the program's digital instruction with their textbook. On day one, the software pinpoints the needs of each student through a diagnostic assessment and prescribes an individualized, competency-based learning path that motivates students and revitalizes learning with accessible, engaging content. The program's math instruction appeals to all learning styles, and lively animations and virtual manipulatives engage reluctant learners. A friendly, conversational tone--research-proven to help students perform 40% better--and thoughtful visuals support learning, often on a split screen to help students connect graphics to key ideas in lessons. Students are able to practice math problems and receive immediate feedback and scaffolded support to ensure comprehension prior to assessment. In addition, the Hybridge Report Generator allows teachers to track student progress against objectives and standards, make adjustments to assignments, or intervene with a small group or 1:1 instruction for a certain topic. This helps teachers make instructional decisions within the classroom, as well as online.

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    Compass Learning Logo

    www.dreambox.com - DreamBox Learning

    Kids learn best when they're engaged and empowered to think for themselves. And that's what they experience when they use DreamBox Learning Math. Age-appropriate graphics and gaming protocols driven by adaptive learning motivate kids to persist and progress to build deep conceptual understanding. But not all adaptive learning is created equal, we gather more than 48,000 data points per hour, per student to analyze responses, assess problem-solving strategies, and evaluate different mistakes to provide the next right lesson, every time.

    We partner with teachers to provide the support they need with job-embedded, on-demand professional development that unlocks the power of reports and data to differentiate instruction, monitor progress, and maximize student growth. Because the world isn't made up of multiple choice questions, DreamBox Learning Math isn't either. We provide a rigorous, K-8 standards-aligned curriculum with innovative digital manipulatives so students demonstrate that they understand how to solve the problem, not just compute the answer.

    Delivered in English or Spanish, our cloud-based, cross-platform tool is effective in the computer lab, with small groups, or in a flipped classroom model with scaffolded support that closes gaps and gets students to math mastery. What's the ultimate proof? Kids who love and understand math!

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    DreamBox Learning Logo

    www.mathcloud.net - Educloud Inc.

    Using MathCloud, students can learn to have a deeper understanding of math concepts, and appreciate the overall beauty of mathematics. Each student receives a personalized online learning experience using the world’s first neural adaptive learning platform. Students can master math topics, get better grades, and grow in confidence. Teachers and parents can track learning progress, academic growth, and achievement.

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    LearnBop - Fuel Education

    LearnBop is an automated system for grades 5�9 mathematics that simulates a one-to-one tutoring experience by guiding students through problems step-by-step so they can learn fundamental math concepts at their own pace. Using sophisticated adaptive learning technology, LearnBop provides students dynamic math problems to teach concepts that are critical to achieving Common Core State Standards learning objectives and other rigorous state standards. As students complete problems, teachers use dashboards to analyze learning behavior by concept and by student. Teachers are able to address common learning gaps with the class, group students by need, or personalize playlists for individual students to increase learning gains.

    Launched a year ago, LearnBop is part of math instruction in in 350 schools, where students are seeing remarkable gains. After one year, 96 percent of students who used LearnBop on a weekly basis at Brooklyn, New York�s Middle School #385 passed the state math exam � up from just 25 percent who passed the prior year.
    This fall, Fuel Education made LearnBop available through its Personalized Learning Platform, PEAK�, an open, easy-to-use technology platform that provides a single, unified view of online and blended learning activities across multiple solutions for administrators, teachers and students.

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    Fuel Education Logo

    KnowRe - KnowRe

    KnowRe is an education technology company with a cloud-based adaptive mathematics program. KnowRe believes that the most effective educational approach is one that is personalized to the needs of each individual student and that technology is the most efficient way to scale that approach.

    KnowRe's patented technology assesses each student's strengths and weaknesses at a granular level on an on-going basis, giving teachers a detailed understanding of each student's knowledge gaps through easy-to-view color-coded reports.

    KnowRe fills those knowledge gaps with adaptive and personalized review curricula that address each student's individual weaknesses. The unique "Walk Me Through" feature provides interactive step-by-step guidance for solving problems, and over a thousand targeted math videos illustrate concepts and skills in a concise, easy-to-understand manner.

    The interactive game-like learning world increases student engagement and fun. Students are further motivated to stay on task and tackle additional practice questions through the gamified achievement system.

    KnowRe's flexibility allows schools to use the program in a variety of ways - from core curriculum to supplemental, from remediation to enrichment. KnowRe, which currently covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, can be accessed 24/7 on any computer or tablet with Internet access.

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    ST Math:Middle School Supplement - MIND Research Institute

    Based on applied neuroscience research, Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math engages students in developing a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics by manipulating visual models to solve problems in a self-paced, mastery-based, language-free environment. ST Math includes embedded assessments and detailed reporting of student learning patterns. The program is aligned to Common Core and state mathematics standards, integrates with core instruction, and is accessible on desktop or laptop computers and on supported tablets, enabling anywhere, anytime learning.

    ST Math: Middle School Supplement includes on-grade-level content as well as intervention content that can be used with students who are at a variety of levels of math understanding. The program prepares students for success in Algebra 1 by remediating on concepts from previous grade levels and by building students� understanding of select on-grade level math concepts from 6th, 7th and 8th grade mathematics. ST Math: Middle School Supplement connects interactive visual models to abstract concepts and language components driven by math curriculum. A built-in diagnostic tool personalizes the learning path for each student and provides the intervention content that he or she needs. Individualized student reports provide teachers with diagnostic results and real-time content mastery for each student.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    MIND Research Institute Logo

    Reasoning Mind - Reasoning Mind

    Reasoning Mind uses technology to scale the quality math instruction of experienced, international teachers in high-performing countries, coupled with decades of user experience and multimedia learning research. The system integrates a rigorous, internationally proven curriculum with unparalleled teacher support and an engaging online platform. Mathematicians work with master teachers to tailor international best practices to American students. This online curriculum, supplemental in grades two to four and core in grade five, focuses on developing students' understanding of algebraic concepts and computational fluency.

    Students move through objectives at their own pace; artificial intelligence adjusts branched learning pathways to challenge students appropriately. The system rewards students for mastering more challenging material in a review mode known as the Wall of Mastery. Teachers in a Reasoning Mind classroom are free to do what they do best: teach. The system automates time-consuming administrative tasks of creating and grading assessments. Teachers spend up to five times more time on personal instruction using the real-time and summative data generated by student responses. After each intervention, teachers assign Post-Intervention Problem Sets to students with auto-generated problems that the system grades to check for students' growth.

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  • Additional information can be found online at:

    TenMarks Math - TenMarks Education, Inc.

    Grounded in educational research and the belief that students learn best when they have contextual instruction, TenMarks offers an engaging math program for Grade 1 through Algebra 2 and Geometry. TenMarks Math is designed from the ground up and built for the new math standards. It is founded on the principle that with immediate feedback and just-in-time instructional assistance, students have a greater chance of developing deeper conceptual understanding, in turn leading to better outcomes.

    TenMarks is committed to developing easy-to-implement solutions for schools by offering teachers access to effective resources. TenMarks believes that students learn best when they're engaged, nurtured, and motivated, and that teachers are key to improving math achievement. To help maximize teacher effectiveness in the classroom, TenMarks Math incorporates a web-based learning environment that simplifies assignments, automates grading, and drives student learning through interactive lessons within the product. The program features video lesson guides that provide students with helpful hints to refresh what they know and learn what they don’t, along with built-in interventions called “Amplifiers” that help guide students through complex topics one fundamental step at a time.

    As of 2014, TenMarks’ web-based math program is being used by students across 45,000 schools and 8,000 districts. Each day, students in all 50 states use TenMarks to solve millions of math problems, improving their math skills and confidence, and by 2016, TenMarks aims to positively impact the lives of over 20 million students.

    Additionally, TenMarks recently offered its personalized math program for free this past summer (previously $39/student) in collaboration with AASA, The School Superintendents Association, to help combat learning loss among students while not attending school.

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    CODiE Winner 
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