Quark Enterprise Solutions - Quark Software Inc.

Winner In:
Best Multi-Channel Publishing Platform or Service

Quark Enterprise Solutions is the content automation platform that features a centralized content repository with fully integrated capabilities for creating, managing, publishing and delivering multi-channel content. With a focus on creating reusable content components – rather than static documents – the platform helps enterprise organizations deliver the right content to the right audiences at the right time. From an intuitive user experience to sophisticated integration with multiple data sources, Quark’s platform helps all authors – even non-technical subject matter experts – create a single source of content that can be delivered across channels with little-to-no rework. The platform enables users to create content that can be tagged, searched, tracked, updated and reused. This reusable content can be dynamically assembled and delivered in any format and to any channel – Web, mobile, print and more. Quark’s content automation platform has been adopted by global organizations across financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, government – from HSBC and Schlumberger to UNICEF and IHS Markit – to reduce content time to market from months to weeks, weeks to days, and days to minutes while improving quality and increasing customer satisfaction. The business-critical content being created and delivered includes a range of content types from product information, research reports, training products, legislation, SOPs, marketing collateral, technical documentation and more.

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