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CodeMeter is a secure license platform for management and protection of software and content. CodeMeter License Central enables the monetization of various license models required to meet dynamic user demands today and tomorrow. License Central is easily integrated into the ISVs existing business processes (ERP, CRM etc) via industry standard protocols.
CodeMeter provides flexible licensing options such as trial periods, pay per use, pay per function, perpetual, floating users, and subscription. Licenses can be delivered and activated electronically or manually, online or off. Licenses can be stored in node locked containers, hardware containers, in the Cloud and in LAN or WAN License Servers.
A unique feature of CodeMeter provides end-users with business enabling functionality such as offline license transfer and license borrowing without the need for internet access or help desk assistance. Offline license management also provides the end-user with license usage statistics that enables the end-user to understand who is using the software and how often.
Licenses are secured with strong encryption using AES 128, ECC or RSA 2048, allowing ISVs to protect the IP of the software and ensure license integrity. Likewise, security is important to the end-user for ensuring tamper-resistant applications and maintaining license compliance.
CodeMeter supports all major platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, cloud, mobile, as well as RTOS systems like VxWorks, QNX and others.

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