Lattice Predictive Insights Platform - Lattice Engines

Winner In:
Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution

The Lattice Predictive Insight Platform (LPI) is the only enterprise-grade marketing platform that features real-time contact and account scoring, self-service modeling, and native applications for Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce. Marketing teams of any skill level can easily create predictive segments and models based on data for both traditional and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs, and teams are provided unprecedented insight into every Lattice-scored account, including firmographic, technographic, intent and engagement data. Key features are: • Unifies data-driven insights with native integration to marketing automation and CRM systems. Customers create custom segments based on Lattice data attributes, and then leads and accounts are automatically routed into the proper campaigns based on pre-set guidelines, streamlining the process for marketing and sales teams, and infusing all campaigns with lead and account-level attributes. • Predictive models for traditional & ABM programs live next to one another in the same platform so that customer and prospect data isn’t siloed. • User-friendly UI enables marketers to create predictive models for leads, accounts or existing customers without data scientists. • Real-time scoring engine enables the prioritization of accounts along two dimensions in seconds: account fit (how likely is the company to do business with me) and behavior (how engaged or how far along the buying cycle is the lead)

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