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Best Emerging Instructional Technology Solution (CC) is a cloud-based learning solution that is transforming legal education. With their purchase, law students get a suite of online content and learning tools designed to maximize their success in the highly competitive law school environment. CC access includes a full ePub version of the textbook with an elegant reading experience designed for intense academic reading. The e-reader features a robust search engine, multi-color highlights and note-taking features. But that’s only where the learning experience begins. A key skill law students are taught is how to brief cases: identify and analyze key elements in real cases. In CC, they set up highlight color labels that represent the key elements of the case. The Cases tool then automatically organizes their work into a Case Brief for use during class or to share with their study group. Students are also taught to curate all of their notes into a course outline to fully comprehend the complex legal education topics. The Outline tool pulls their e-book notes into an Outline format, saving them precious time for studying. A Study Center gives students access to hundreds of practice questions in a variety of learning formats: video, multiple choice, flashcards, short answer and essays. A Class Insights dashboard shows professors student strengths and weaknesses based on this activity. CC also features a course-specific legal news feed with links to news stories relevant to what they are learning in class.

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