Best Artificial Intelligence Enabled Solution

Recognizes the product, tool, or solution best able to augment human intelligence and better automate decision support tasks. The winning solution incorporates machine and deep learning algorithms into their everyday functionality and may include solutions that solve a specific problem or a variety of functions. The category is open to API, SaaS and hardware solutions. Examples may include but are not limited to visual, data analysis (structured and unstructured text, images, audio, video, etc.) decision making by understanding a user's personality, tone, and emotion; and translation between languages (including speech).

MyWizard - Accenture

MyWizard is an intelligent automation platform that augments human technologists with virtual agents powered by artificial intelligence. You can talk and interact with these agents like any other member of your team and they are always available to guide you through the platform. The platform combines Accenture’s industry and technology assets and business knowledge across 40 industries with intelligent automation, including artificial intelligence at its core. The platform is able to mine Accenture’s vast, cumulative knowledge base of vertical industry operating models, process flows and key performance indicators, giving Accenture myWizard a unique set of business domain experience that can identify and support tangible business results. We accelerate projects by leveraging myWizard to automate software engineering practices, such as DevOps and Agile, testing, service management and environment management. The platform delivers a spectrum of AI-based automation services at scale (spanning natural language processing, machine learning, advanced analytics, virtual agents and computer vision), using liquid, plug-and-play architectures with API-based integrations to bring proprietary and innovative ecosystem tools. myWizard’s liquid, plug-and-play architecture makes it “tomorrow-proof” with the ability to add in new capabilities as artificial intelligence matures. MyWizard has: 3,700 engagements, 45,000 users and over 30 patents.

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  • Adobe Sensei - Adobe

    Adobe Sensei is the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology powering intelligent creative, document and marketing features across Adobe's products. Sensei helps creatives, marketers and knowledge workers be more productive, create the right content faster, and deliver personalized digital content to the right customers at the right time. It's squarely focused on solving digital experience challenges by tapping into Adobe's specific domain expertise and market leadership. Sensei is designed to enhance human creativity and intelligence €“ not replace it.

    Sensei leverages trillions of Adobe's content and data assets €“ from high-resolution images to customer clicks €“ providing unparalleled insight into building, delivering and managing digital experiences. For example, with Sensei-powered creative intelligence added to the digital tools artists use, AI can accelerate the design process €“ eliminating many steps during creation that require lots of mouse-clicking rather than deeply creative work. This includes automatically animating characters, remixing music, polishing videos, and making photos look more professional.

    Sensei's experience intelligence can quickly analyze data to identify both patterns and anomalies to ensure digital experiences are customized and optimized to achieve the greatest return on investment. This includes personalizing content based on customer profiles, optimizing ad spend across digital channels, and scaling to new audiences.

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    Collective[i] - Collective[i]

    Collective[i] (short for Collective Intelligence) helps companies manage and grow revenue generated through their sales organizations using AI-enabled insights. Often called “Waze for sales,” Collective[i] applies machine learning to community-sourced and proprietary data to unearth buying patterns and guide sales teams to optimal outcomes. For example, Collective[i] enables sales professionals to invite their network to share insights and collaborate with colleagues across multiple functions (eg, legal, marketing, resellers etc.) via “virtual deal rooms,” driving personalized buyer experiences. The company’s mission is to remove uncertainty and inefficiency around revenue generation, ensure that B2B buyers have a personalized experience and augment the human skills of sales professionals globally. Co-founded by Heidi Messer, an active entrepreneur and investor in the digital economy, Collective[i] operates as a network with a collaborative approach to capturing the data necessary for ML to have a meaningful impact. Companies like Waze, Google, and Amazon are examples of similar business models — networks of shared data that use AI/ML to improve the consumer experience — but the trend has yet to manifest in B2B (a sector with double the economic impact). Collective[i] is out for disruption, bringing the benefits of the data sharing economy to B2B and removing the uncertainty that leads to layoffs, unforeseen economic downturns and recessions.

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  • Passage AI - Passage AI

    Founded in 2016 by Walmart Labs alumni Madhu Mathihalli and Ravi Raj and LinkedIn alumnus Mitul Tiwari, Passage AI enables businesses to harness the power of AI-enabled conversational interfaces to bring bottom-line benefits, to better utilize service agents saddled by mundane tasks, and to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Passage AI has created an award-winning bot-building platform that utilizes AI and natural language processing technologies, requires no coding and can be deployed anywhere in as little as two weeks. Employing sophisticated deep learning models that involve advanced techniques like bi-directional LSTM and word embeddings, Passage AI’s platform is able to truly and accurately understand natural language text and speech, creating an intelligent conversational interface capable of better identifying intents, extracting the most useful, pertinent and timely information, understanding and responding to queries and searching through vast amounts of data. Passage AI counts Kohl's, Shell, Udacity, Bridgestone, Wynn, Ford, BMW, Daimler and Nissan among the business and services that use its solution. A 2018 TiE50 award winner, the company has secured $10.3 million in total funding and is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.

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  • RichRelevance Xen AI™ - RichRelevance

    RichRelevance’s Xen AI drives digital growth for 200+ of the world’s largest brands -- with full transparency & control into how AI drives results. Xen AI blends human expertise & machine intelligence to deliver mass personalization at scale. It features 150+ strategies to help marketers detect & respond to digital signals in real time, using a full spectrum of algorithms & multi-context AI to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. It also allows customers to bring in their own data science, tailor algorithmic approaches & implement their own models. Key AI-driven features: Experience Optimizer enables marketers to dynamically assemble individualized experiences, delivering real-time results that surpass A/B testing. Algorithms compete to deliver the best experience for each individual shopper & context while factoring in business rules. Experience Browser provides immediate insights into AI performance in context, Overlaying live Web pages,allowing users to audit AI decisions, adjust AI assumptions, & easily identify outdated or ineffectual rules. Deep Learning via NLP identifies product characteristics beyond pre-set attributes, surfacing a wide array of hyper-relevant recommendations, content, & search results. Marketers can combine their own segments to develop behavioral segments, auto-discover new audiences and drive better conversion rates and targeted brand engagement.

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  • Enablon AI for Safe Operations - Wolters Kluwer | Enablon

    The Enablon Safe Operations software solution empowers organizations to manage their global safety programs through mobile event and observation reporting, incident management, investigation and root cause analysis, action planning and risk assessment. It allows organizations to standardize a global management process across both workers and contractors, while accommodating local requirements for regulatory reporting. It delivers sophisticated investigation methods suited to multiple industries and event types, and builds in best practice methodologies through standard connectors, that allow organizations to uncover the real root causes of incidents and therefore be more effective in preventing them.
    To unlock hidden insights from safety data and put the right preventative actions in place, Enablon Safe Operations is powered by artificial intelligence in the form of Enablon Juno and Enablon Pulse. Juno is a machine learning assistant, that suggests and matches next actions for end users based on text analytics, powered by elastic search. This guides safety managers to leverage intelligence much faster than standard dashboarding and analysis. Enablon Pulse, the industry's first platform predictive analytics model, constantly calculates the risk that an event might occur at a specific site, based on event and observation data collected. Its ability to alert a site manager when a risk level changes at any site in real time is key to preventing incidents and reducing risk.

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