Best New CRM Solution

Recognizes the best software solution designed to expand a company's knowledge about, and relationship with, its current or potential customers and/or partners. Includes CRM, PRM, SFA, marketing automation, personalization products and services. Product must be 5 years old or younger.

ItaQuod, Inc - ItaQuod, Inc.

ItaQuod is an innovative software organization, who is laser focused on offering a solution that empowers its users to most effectively and efficiently ACQUIRE customers today, while allowing the rest of the organization to LEARN what changes may be needed to more effectively acquire customers in the future. We have been introducing the phrase “Structured CRM” to the market, a category evolving Traditional CRM software. We believe that after 25 years, the CRM market is fundamentally dated and flawed, and is ripe for a new approach. At the heart of Structured CRM and the ItaQuod CRM solution specifically, is an embedded data structure that ensure, the most compelling information is consistently captured and stored to both empower sales reps to win business today, while ensuring that everything learned by sales is organized and made readily available for the rest of the organization for evolving organizational go-to-market strategy, messaging, competitive differentiation, solution roadmap prioritization, updated sales training, etc. The value of CRM to anyone, is quality data…information captured, understood and put to use. Not only do we offer an innovative way to ensure that complete, consistent, quality information is captured and organized, but we have also introduced innovations to speed up the entry of data, the finding and consumption of data, and the ability for team members to collaborate and coach on that information within the software itself.

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  • UpHabit - UpHabit

    UpHabit is a mobile “Personal CRM” app that helps people develop deeper and more authentic relationships. It's common to say that your network is your net worth, and UpHabit is here to increase your net worth. Our story is a simple one. We've met and continue to meet a lot of great people in our life but we've been too busy to stay in touch. Unfortunately, life isn't slowing down. This is where we're adding value to the world. We help people keep in touch with the important relationships and help deepen those relationships in a supportive and authentic way. We're a culture-first organization. Quality, Passion, Empathy, and Integrity are our core values. They guide our decisions every day. Diversity in all ways is also part of our DNA. We also believe in making new mistakes, sharing our knowledge with the world and growing through continuously learning. UpHabit is integrated with local address books plus Google and Microsoft email platforms.

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