Best Coding & Computational Thinking Solution

Recognizes the best educational solution or platform that teaches students coding and computational skills, logic, problem solving, computer science, and algorithmic thinking. Solutions may include programing language platforms, robotics and coding courses, not excluding hardware options or a blend of hardware and software. Solutions should allow students to think creatively, reason systematically, work collaboratively and share their creations with others.

Coding Galaxy - Cherrypicks

Coding Galaxy is an all-in-one computational skill learning program which integrates the innovative use of mobile technology with effective pedagogy to transform the traditionally mundane learning experience into a creative and interactive one. It is designed to aid 21st-century learners in developing computational thinking skills while broadening essential life skills with the 4Cs (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking), as well as problem-solving skills.

Through learning with Coding Galaxy at school, students enjoy a complete computational thinking learning experience with a variety of activities including concept demonstration with real-life examples, group activities, games, and eSports. With the web-based AI-powered intelligent learning management system for teachers, it provides instructors with real-time reports with learning analytics, giving teachers meaningful insights into students' progress and learning patterns, and also teaching effectiveness.

Coding Galaxy lets students learn by playing, raising motivation and engagement with an adventurous setting with heroic tasks to complete, and allowing the learning mind to challenge itself in a safe and controlled environment that encourages socialization, communication and collaboration, as well as rewarding the completion of missions via trial and error. The teaching materials, learning app, and teacher dashboard supports multiple languages.

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    CoderZ - Intelitek

    CoderZ is a powerful, online platform that teaches students valuable STEM skills including coding, robotics and physical computing. It has a fun gamified interface with a graphic or text-based code editor and 3D virtual robots simulation. The solution caters to both novices and experts, offering a simple, Scratch-like language called Blockly for new coders or allowing more advanced students to start working directly with Java code. Students learn and practice coding skills by completing missions with their cyber-virtual robot, which reacts directly to students’ input. Integrated curriculum are aligned to standards like the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, Career Readiness Standard, Next Generation Science Standards, and K-12 Computer Science Standards (Computer Science Teachers Association) and state CS requirements. CoderZ is teacher optimized and integrates an engaging curriculum and a learning management tool including project submission and grading, class and student statistics, video tutorials, and more. Detailed teacher guides and a wealth of tools help teachers introduce STEM concepts to their classroom. Being online, CoderZ also resolves one of the biggest challenges for educators by providing enhanced visibility and reporting of student progress. By design, it reaches all students without expensive robotics hardware, is more engaging and inclusive because of the online nature – giving teachers and administrations measurable outcomes in real-time.

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  • Evo Classroom Kit - Ozobot

    The Evo Classroom Kit makes it easy for K - 12 educators to bring coding and STEAM into their classrooms. Each Kit comes with 18 Evo robots and 2 Ways to Code—connected and screen-free. Students can code Evo online/connected with OzoBlockly, a programming editor powered by Google's Blockly with five skill levels from Pre-Reader to Master. Or, students can go screen-free and code Evo with Color Codes—commands made with markers and paper.

    With 18 bots, the Evo Classroom Kit empowers pair programming and encourages communication, collaboration, creativity, and other 21st century skills. Each Kit also includes: Educator Bot Camp (teacher training in the 2 Ways to Code), an educator binder, student handouts, and multi-port USB chargers. Educators also get access to over 170 STEAM lessons in the Ozobot Lesson Library, covering grades K - 12 and subjects way beyond coding and computer science—including art, history, math, and more! The Evo Classroom Kit retails for $1,800 and is available on and Amazon.

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    Evo Educator Entry Kit - Ozobot

    The Evo Educator Entry Kit from Ozobot makes STEAM simple with one Evo robot and teacher training in Ozobot's 2 Ways to Code (connected and screen-free). The Kit puts K - 12 educators first, enabling them to enroll and experience Ozobot Edu for themselves before graduating to a Classroom Kit with bots for all their students.

    Ozobot's 2 Ways to Code make it easy for educators across grades and subjects to bring coding and STEAM into their classrooms. OzoBlockly*, a visual programming editor used to code Evo, has five skill levels from Pre-Reader to Master. Color Codes, a patented, screen-free way to code Evo using markers and paper, teach basic coding concepts including cause/effect and debugging.

    Ozobot Evo connects to an Edu app** for updates and access to new features. Educators can browse and download over 170 STEAM lessons in the Ozobot Lesson Library, covering grades K - 12 and subjects way beyond coding and computer science—including art, history, math, and more! The Evo Educator Entry Kit retails for $99 and includes Evo, Educator Bot Camp training, Color Code markers, free apps, and a charging cable.

    * Compatible with most computers (incl. Chromebooks) and iOS/Android tablets
    ** Compatible with iOS/Android devices

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