Best Collaborative Community Solution for Educators

Recognizes the online solution designed to provide social learning, collaborative and community support for PK-12 or higher education faculty and administration. Includes tools for communication, professional learning experiences, resource centers, collaboration and planning tools and other interactive, social media solutions between and among faculty, staff, administration, and community.

Abre - Abre

Abre is an education management platform that enables stakeholders to improve outcomes and unleash the potential of everyone in the learning community. Admins, teachers, students, parents and community partners use the Abre Hub to access all of a school's software via single sign-on, school announcements and Abre Apps.

Abre Apps deliver functionality from across Learning Management, School Management and Data & Analytics.

Administrators access their software as well as Abre apps to see student & staff data, deploy Professional Learning courses to staff, manage/deliver Forms, track student Behavior, send communications and build standards-aligned Curriculum maps and Assessments.

Teachers access all their software as well as Abre apps for managing standards-aligned Curriculum, delivering Assessments, managing classwork and grading, tracking student Behavior, and seeing all Student data in one place.

Students access all their software as well as Abre apps to take Assessments, access eBooks, fill out Forms and for distraction-free lessons using the Focus app.

Parents access their student's grades, test scores, behavior, student plans, schedules as well as to receive specific messages from the school.

Community Partners use Abre to stay connected to the schools they serve. They submit activity data on students like attendance in their programs and they can see reports about all the students they serve.

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    CP3 Series Interactive Flat Panel - AVer Information Inc.

    The CP3 Series Interactive Flat Panel activates learning with the ability to enhance any lesson plan and keep up with constantly changing technology with the upgradeable built-in Android Module. Instantly access thousands of apps for education, and promote safe learning with screen and app lock. Effortlessly pull up PDFs from the cloud and import them into the feature-rich whiteboard. Make notes clearly visible with responsive and precise writing. Use different colors for each step in an equation with a rainbow palette of colors available, or increase collaboration by having multiple students use the board at the same time with a 20-point touch. Take learning further with wireless AVer document camera integration. Teach from a student's desk, or share a student's art project with the entire class. Let students lead the discussion with the ability to share their work and with the entire class through built-in native screen share technology.

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  • AVer Information Inc.  Logo - is a free professional learning network for all educators preK-20, providing a collaborative forum for sharing ideas and learning, peer support and mentorship, and helping educators improve teaching and learning. edWeb offers free PD “edWebinars” on the widest range of innovative topics. Educators can attend live (300 new programs a year) or watch over 1,500 recorded programs anytime, anywhere. edWeb provides CE certificates as evidence of PD hours to meet school/district PD requirements. edWeb is a state-approved PD provider in NY, MA, TX, PA WY, KY, UT, and AR. edWeb’s professional learning communities provide choice and personalization so educators can pursue their interests at their own pace. Each community has tools for collaboration including a blog, discussion forums, resource archives, a live chat room, a wiki, and a calendar. Educators, schools, and districts can create their own private communities on edWeb and provide a personalized professional learning solution for teachers. edWeb draws on the widest participation of stakeholders, across all education boundaries, to create an PD ecosystem that is a collaborative community of continuous learning. What we hear most often from educators all around the world is, “I love edWeb.”

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  • Let's Talk! - K12 Insight

    Let’s Talk! is a cloud-based communications solution that empowers school district leaders to manage and respond to social media, as well as identify risks and build stronger, more productive relationships with parents, teachers, students and staff. Community members submit feedback — comments, questions or concerns — through a custom button on the school or district website or via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Intelligent software immediately routes each comment to the appropriate staff member to facilitate a timely response. On the backend, school district leaders have access to a dashboard that tracks the stage and status of each interaction. Now superintendents and other approved administrators can easily see who’s engaging their district, know what’s on their mind, and flag issues or potential threats that demand immediate attention. Robust reporting tools, including printable graphs and charts, help district leaders leverage every instance of community feedback to improve customer satisfaction, quickly address critical issues, and make more informed decisions. Plus, our mobile app enables school leaders to track and respond to community feedback on the go. More than 200 school districts use Let’s Talk! School leaders tell us the ability to track, analyze and respond to community feedback from a single centralized location limits their exposure to risk, and equips them to lead the conversation, as opposed to simply reacting to the headlines.

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