Best College & Career Readiness Solution

Recognizes the best digital product or service that develops 21st Century workforce skills and knowledge for students. Includes applications that help close the gap between a learner's current interest and skills and the needs and expectations in the workplace.

Video Assignments - Bongo

Video Assignments are structured workflows that individuals complete asynchronously. Organizations use these workflows to create experiential exercises where individuals practice key skills, collaborate with their peers, and apply knowledge within a real-world context.

Video Assignments consist of four activity types:

Individual Project: Individuals build communication and critical thinking skills as they continuously practice, self-assess, and re-record video presentations.

Question & Answer: Individuals are put on the spot to answer questions asynchronously with only a limited time to respond.

Group Project: Individuals collaborate synchronously or asynchronously to complete a group activity.

Interactive Video: Individuals answer multiple choice questions or submit video responses at different points throughout a video.

Once individuals complete an exercise, they submit their recording for personalized feedback and coaching. Evaluators and peers have the ability to provide time-stamped comments via text or video, which helps individuals pinpoint exactly where their strengths and weaknesses are.

Video Assignments leverage the highest standard of LTI integration (1.3) and API integrations for specific business use cases as well. These capabilities enable Video Assignments to seamlessly integrate into any learning management system, so evaluators can sync their gradebook, class roster, and other features within the product.

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    Naviance - Hobsons

    Naviance is a comprehensive college, career, and life readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life. Naviance provides technology for administrators, educators, students, and parents to align student planning in middle school and high school. Tools in Naviance allow students to explore strengths and interests, search careers, create course plans, develop social-emotional and 21st century skills, and explore and apply to best-fit postsecondary options. Scholarship searches, ILP planning, and transition skills round out the tools that Naviance provides to all stakeholders.

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    ALEKS PPL (ALEKS Placement, Prep and Learning) - McGraw-Hill Education

    As institutions are challenged to increase completion rates in math disciplines, the method used to place students in the appropriate math course is increasingly evaluated. Because many traditional placement methods do not accurately predict students’ success in college-level math, students are often over or under-placed, resulting in low pass rates, high student tuition costs, and avoidable departmental expenses. ALEKS PPL (Placement, Preparation and Learning) uses an adaptive assessment to accurately assess what students know but also supports them beyond the initial placement with individualized learning modules where they can practice and learn skills needed to for their target course. Students who spend an average of eight hours refreshing skills in these learning modules often place in a higher course when they re-take the assessment, expediting their path to graduation and saving them time and money. ALEKS PPL helps students optimize course enrollment by avoiding courses they don’t need to take and helping them pass the courses they do need to take. With more accurate student placement, institutions will retain the students that they recruit initially, increasing their recruitment investment and decreasing their DFW rates. Understanding where incoming students are placing helps to plan and develop course schedules and allocate resources efficiently. The right placement creates greater value for both students and the institution and PPL continues to address both.

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  • uCertify COURSE - uCertify

    uCertify provides highly engaging, flexible, cloud-based and device-enabled courses for technology, engineering or vocational training.

    uCertify courses can be used for self-paced or instructor-led training. In self-paced mode, these courses are adaptive and use competency-based progression. Each student is provided with individualized learning path. Educators can use these courses to deliver credit courses or augment their existing credit courses. Educators can customize these courses to add additional content with ease to accommodate diverse audiences and education missions.

    uCertify courses engage students through interactivity and instantaneous feedback. The course navigation is driven by a dashboard that is adapted to the specific course. Students can toggle between the various learning tools and resources and then return back to the topic at hand with one click.

    Each uCertify course comes complete with a study planner, that allows students to track their progress. In addition, a progress meter for each major activity allows the students to take corrective actions.

    uCertify works closely with a number of major publishers to source content for these courses. Administrators appreciate uCertify because of comprehensive reports on student performance, course efficacy and also for ease of integration and administration.

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    Xello - Xello

    An engaged student is a successful student, it's as simple as that. That's why Xello puts students at the center of their future-readiness journey. Xello is an online K-12 program that helps educators engage their students in preparing for college, career, and future success. It delivers a personalized planning experience that connects students' interests, skills, and current education to their future goals. When students see the hand they have in their own destiny, that's when the switch flips and they become motivated to engage and succeed.
    Xello asks students to define their interests, skills, and aspirations so they can explore options and decide on a path that's right for them. They learn about career possibilities and educational pathways through rich, vibrant content and built-in lessons. Students then create dynamic, actionable plans that outline the steps needed to achieve school, career, and life goals. As they gain experience, knowledge, and skills, they can reassess and change their plans for the future.
    For educators, Xello helps build a positive culture around academics. Achievement rates, test scores, and attendance rates improve. Educators can track student progress and make sure students are doing the work needed to succeed. They're equipped with insights to offer every child more personalized support and guidance. Districts that use Xello to empower educators and engage students are seeing results that are nothing short of remarkable.

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