Best Business Information or Data Delivery Solution

Recognizes the best information solution that helps business professionals with their daily job functions including strategy, business development, sales, marketing, research or other corporate functions. Solutions could include business and industry news, market research, business directories, company/ industry information, executive profiles, financial data, analyst reports, vertical segment information, competitive intelligence, etc.

RightFind Solutions - Copyright Clearance Center

RightFind® content workflow solutions provide users with fast, easy access to a full range of high-value, copyrighted information they need - anytime and anywhere. RightFind streamlines information management operations, accelerating the research process, enabling organizations to get their products to the market faster, saving them valuable time and expense.

RightFind scalable solutions are for ideal for small, mid, and large global life sciences and other R&D-intensive companies. Over 1500 companies, and more than 210,000 active users including professionals is research & development, pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, and regulatory affairs rely on RightFind.


Proprietary database of more than 100 million citations - the world's largest collection of STM content

Immediate delivery of most content with 95% within 24 hours

Semantically enriched search and document reading experience

Shared libraries to store, organize, and collaborate on content

Ability for researchers to securely access their organization's subscribed content from any location on any browser-enabled device

Customizable reports, analytical tools, and data visualizations for content usage, spending and budgeting tools

Security: SOC 2 (Type 2) audits with No Exceptions, certification under the ISO 27001 standard, qualification for the EU/US Privacy Shield, and Swiss/US Privacy certification, and annual certification by TRUSTe/TRUSARC

Cloud-based SaaS solution hosted on Amazon Web Services

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  • The PitchBook Platform - PitchBook Data, Inc.

    PitchBook is the leading financial data and technology company, providing a comprehensive view of the flow of capital across venture capital, private equity, M&A, and public companies. The PitchBook Platform empowers users to make informed investment decisions by surfacing hard-to-find financial data on companies, investors, funds, LPs and service providers. This level of granularity is made possible by a rigorous research process involving thousands of web crawlers and more than 300 primary researchers with public information, data science and intensive quality assurance workflows. In addition to high quality data, the PitchBook Platform is easily accessible through its flagship Desktop experience, Mobile app, Excel Plug-in and Direct Data API. The company launched 241 Platform innovations in 2018 to further enhance workflow and user experience, including the addition of nearly 450k new global datasets, new search capabilities leveraging machine learning technology and a redesigned Research Center. PitchBook currently tracks 1.3+ million companies, 43,000+ funds, 1.8+ million people, 28,000+ LPs, 350,000+ deals, 250,000+ investors and 50,000+ service providers. No other data provider delivers the depth of both private and public market insights through award-winning technology. PitchBook has over 1,000 employees across its Seattle, San Francisco, New York and London offices and the company saw a 65% increase in customer base, adding nearly 10,000 users in 2018 alone.

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  • PublicRelay - PublicRelay

    PublicRelay is a media analytics SaaS solution for communications and marketing professionals and was created to help solve the problem of accurately measuring how global earned media efforts are impacting the business.

    The system is fed media mentions from news feed services like Dow Jones/Factiva, LexisNexis, Thomson-Reuters, comprehensive web feeds, broadcast TV/radio, and all major social media sites. The criteria for which data is collected is set with each client and can include their own brand, competitive brands or products, spokespeople, and key messaging themes. Each article is then parsed and tagged for the presence of the key criteria as well as sentiment for applicable data sets.

    The labelled data is made available to users as interactive visualizations powered by Tableau. Examples of dashboard views with drill-down and export capabilities include:
    - Overall tone and volume of articles by date ranges
    - Competitive overview by tone, volume, author and outlet
    - Brand and reputation drivers by tone, volume, author and outlet
    - Map views of articles, authors, or outlets
    - Demographic and Psychographic audience data for outlets (Comscore)

    In addition to the visualizations, users can also access:
    - Individual articles including syndication data
    - Author and outlet details
    - Social shares (twitter firehose)

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    CCH Axcess iQ - Wolters Kluwer

    As firms seek to shift focus away from entering data, they need tools to help leverage that data better. The shift from commoditized compliance services to more valuable advisory services reflects the disruptive changes taking place right now in the accounting profession. Today, the amount of data firms need to handle for clients is growing exponentially and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics are transforming the way professionals work. With CCH Axcess™ iQ from Wolters Kluwer, tax and accounting professionals now have an opportunity to leverage intelligent insights to improve client satisfaction and increase business opportunities. This ground-breaking solution leverages artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to empower firms to turn today’s rapid pace of complex regulatory and legislative change into opportunity. According to a 2018 survey by Wolters Kluwer, only 25% of accounting firms indicated they feel extremely confident in their ability to keep pace with the current environment of change. CCH Axcess iQ helps firms find opportunities from complex changes by automatically matching potentially impacted clients with tax legislation change triggers and providing actionable tools and templates to proactively engage those clients. This helps firms increase efficiency, productivity, and opens new revenue streams with value add services.

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