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Matific is a comprehensive system for supporting the teaching and learning of elementary school mathematics. The Matific framework consists of three main elements.
First, there is a collection of thousands of interactive games, exercises, and word problem, each focusing on one mathematical concept, skill, or technique. These curriculum-oriented resources are theoretically informed, developmentally appropriate, empirically validated, and aligned by standards. Second, there are various superstructures that organize the Matific resources according to national mathematics curricula, popular textbooks, or customized teaching plans.
Third, there is a management system for organizing student groups, assigning activities, and reporting students' performance. The reports are available at the student, class, school and district levels. Matific is multi-platform and multi-purpose. Many teachers use Matific in the classroom, as a means for motivating and discussing mathematical concepts and techniques. Other teachers use Matific for self-practice and homework. Matific activities can be assigned to students automatically, following a pre-set teaching plan, or manually, by teachers who customize the default assignments by adding and reordering activities, as needed. Every student has a user ID, allowing him or her to access Matific from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. On mobile devices, students can download a whole year's program and then use Matific without Internet or wifi connections.

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