StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform - StackRox, Inc.

Winner In:
Best Emerging Technology
Best Network Security Solution

The StackRox Container Security Platform protects applications across the entire container life cycle. It discovers all assets on an organization’s containerized networks, ensures they adhere to security policies, and identifies and stops malicious actors to continuously improve security.

The StackRox Container Security Platform is unique in that it provides a feedback loop that leverages runtime data to proactively identify security risks earlier in the container life cycle. The platform protects against prominent orchestrator-based threats in light of recent high-profile compromises. It helps users automatically catch potential security issues based on observed application behavior at runtime and extends its policy management capabilities to additional attack surfaces introduced by orchestration systems. StackRox also delivers capabilities that help customers reduce the attack surface during the build and deploy phase of the container life cycle, including vulnerability scanning and policy enforcement.

The StackRox platform uses a combination of rules, whitelists and behavioral modeling to identify and stop attacks in real time. As a result, security operators benefit from spending less time hunting for security issues and interpreting how threat activity could impact other parts of container environments — the system readily identifies similar assets susceptible to the same threats. This adaptive approach fits the pace and volume of containerized environments.

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