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Winner In:
Best K-12 Learning Management Solution (LMS)

Brightspace is a learning platform for people that care deeply about maximizing student success. It uniquely supports the pillars of quality teaching  - providing tools that assist with timeliness and personalization of feedback, a variety of assessments tools, and differentiation. Icon-based navigation makes it easy for younger students, including those still learning to read, to find their way around the system. Brightspace for Parents is a dashboard that provides a snapshot view into how children are doing with minimal extra steps from the teacher. The Portfolio app makes it easy for students to share their progress, reflections, and learning experiences. It is a central place that can bring everything together, including SIS integrations, content integrations with publishers, open educational resources, and Google Drive. Simplified content management with intuitive course building tools makes it easy to create lessons aligned to standards. Brightspace can be accessed on any device from laptop to mobile without compromising usability, and native apps provide notifications and offline access and are usable by people with disabilities and interoperable with assistive technologies. Student-level reports and detailed grade statistics allow for granular analysis of student performance. At D2L, we take security and privacy very seriously. Our approach puts our client's security, data confidentiality, availability and integrity first.

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