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Best Cross-Curricular Solution

Regardless of where educators are on their STEM journey, STEM Connect is designed to support and integrate into everyday instruction seamlessly. Discovery Education STEM Connect is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary K-8 resource designed to enhance core curriculum and bring STEM to life in all classrooms. Developed by Discovery Education’s team of STEM experts with the input of educators and curriculum experts nationwide, STEM Connect offers a streamlined design that provides an easy-to-follow experience, accessible from any device, and can be used in any instructional setting. STEM Connect is built on a 4Cs STEM skills framework that helps students develop the creative, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills needed for success beyond graduation. Featuring flexible, modular learning units, STEM Connect provides students with an easy-to-follow educational experience through high-quality interdisciplinary resources that can be used in a wide variety of classrooms and across all subjects. STEM Connect was inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering and encourages students to develop and apply solutions to real challenges facing the world. The challenges posed to students progress from Grades K to 8. Younger students are faced with more personal, local issues, whereas middle school students are pushed to solve more complex, global challenges.

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