Best Compliance Solution

Recognizes the best compliance solution to address the regulatory rules. The solution providing audit, risk and compliance solutions and/or expert insights that enable businesses to connect regulatory developments with internal policy systems, organizational risks and controls, and regulatory training.

BigID Enterprise - BigID

Traditional data discovery tools struggle with contextual data tasks, such as identifying and correlating personal information (PI), as well as personally identifiable information (PII) residing in big data. BigID addresses these data privacy challenges by serving as a “one stop shop” for data identification, classification and identity correlation across PII and harder-to-track contextual PI. Using sophisticated machine learning-driven data discovery and classification tools, BigID is able to monitor data at scale with 97% accuracy, across different types of data (such as structured, unstructured, semi-structured and metadata) and data stored across diverse IT environments (cloud or on-premise, in data lakes or data warehouses). By efficiently and effectively wading through vast datasets, BigID helps organizations accurately track personal data, govern access to sensitive information and comply with new privacy standards. BigID’s latest Third Party Data Sharing capabilities provide a new level of visibility by automatically generating continuous third party data flow reports and helping to operationalize “opt-out” requests mandated under new laws like GDPR and CCPA. Similarly, BigID recently announced its privacy-aware Data Pipeline Discovery solution, the industry’s first solution capable of providing precise, near real-time visibility for data in motion, further enabling companies to avoid the unauthorized transmission of sensitive information.
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  • ComplyINS Hub - Creative Compliance Software Solutions

    The digital transformation of the insurance sector is underway, and insurance regulatory compliance data and document management is a significant part of this digital transformation. Most insurance carriers, and independent insurance agencies are currently managing this data in disconnected spreadsheets, desktop/network file folders, and still in some cases paper documentation. Frequently, these organizations are still managing the most important function, which is ensuring their licenses and registrations are renewed on time, through the use of outlook and google calendar reminders. That's where we come in. ComplyINS Hub is a Cloud-Based Software Platform born out of necessity and nurtured with our experience and knowledge in Insurance Regulatory Compliance. ComplyINS Hub began as an idea that insurance compliance software should make things easier, not harder. Creative Compliance has been a leader in insurance regulatory compliance managed services for over 16 years. In this capacity we, realized the shortfalls of the compliance management workflows mentioned earlier, and began searching for a better way. We needed a software platform that could meet the needs of an Enterprise user managing 10,000's of licenses and registrations across all 50 states. We actually used or evaluated most of the major licensing compliance platforms on the market, and found that they all had deficiencies of one kind or another. What could we do but develop a software platform of our own?

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    OneTrust - OneTrust

    OneTrust is the most widely used privacy, security and third-party risk technology platform to help companies to comply with the CCPA, GDPR, ISO27001 and hundreds of the world’s privacy and security laws. Key offerings include: 1. Privacy Program Management: OneTrust Privacy offers easy-to-use compliance solutions that are purpose-built to solve the challenges of the world’s privacy regulations-allowing organizations to simplify their program management. 2. Vendor and Third-Party Risk: OneTrust VendorpediaTM allows organizations to automate the entire vendor lifecycle from onboarding, triaging and assessing risks, managing vendor contracts, demonstrating compliance with recordkeeping, performing ongoing vendor audits, and fully offboarding vendors.? 3. Marketing and Web Compliance: OneTrust PreferenceChoiceTM enables companies to drive opt-in while demonstrating compliance with 100s of global privacy regulations. Organizations are able to scan for tracking technologies within websites and mobile apps, automate the fulfillment of consumer rights requests from a single portal and centrally maintain historical consent records. 4. Governance Risk and Compliance: OneTrust GRC is an integrated risk management platform that delivers a complete, measured view of a business’s risk portfolio. By mapping policies and workflows to controls, organizations can better comply with their own internal governance and external regulatory requirements.
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  • Sovos Sales & Use Tax Filing - Sovos Compliance

    The 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair ruling changed the sales tax landscape for remote retailers selling into the U.S., further complicating an already complex compliance environment. Economic nexus -- which determines the tax a business collects and remits -- is no longer determined by physical presence in a state. Post-Wayfair, nexus comes down to sales revenue and transaction volume generated in a jurisdiction, regardless of where businesses operate. This results in significantly more tax reporting obligations and thus, more work. The ruling is a massive opportunity for states to generate revenue, and they’re taking advantage of it. By the end of 2019, only two states lacked economic nexus laws. Now, the 48 states with laws are gearing up for aggressive enforcement. Sovos Sales & Use Tax Filing relieves the burden caused by new and varying sales tax nexus rules by automating filing obligations -- a game-changer for mid-market companies that felt the Wayfair ruling shake the ground beneath their reliance on manual, spreadsheet-based reporting and person-to-person knowledge transfer. As part of the first global solution for modern tax, Sovos Sales & Use Tax Filing enables accurate, efficient management of hundreds of monthly returns and sub-schedules in every jurisdiction, no matter how often regulations change. This is key as requirements can change rapidly; there were more than 850 form changes last year, and there are more than 14,000 possible jurisdictional combinations.
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  • Checkpoint Engage PCR - Thomson Reuters

    Checkpoint Engage PCR brings preparation, compilation, and review engagements into the future with a fully integrated online solution and is part of Thomson Reuters’ trusted global technology and innovation suite of products. With Checkpoint Engage PCR, firms will have: • Real time collaboration allowing staff to work on engagements simultaneously from any location without the worry of version control • Engagement forms that are automatically tailored based on responses to questions regarding the unique circumstances of each client. • The ability to easily track and complete work with dynamic progress tracking that will help staff pick up right where they left off and help identify uncompleted steps. • Disclosure checklists that include only relevant requirements and provide firms with numerous sample disclosures, dramatically reducing their completion time. • Alerts and diagnostics that direct staff to unresolved issues that need attention providing peace of mind that nothing’s been missed. • All of this period’s work rolled forward onto updated forms based on the next period’s engagement with new questions or changed requirements flagged. By also subscribing to Thomson Reuters Audit Intelligence powered by Inflo firms can apply authentic AI capabilities that automatically complete review engagement analytical procedures and access to file sharing capabilities allowing them to easily get important documents from their clients.

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  • TrustArc Privacy Platform - TrustArc

    The TrustArc Privacy Platform is a SaaS offering that scales with companies as privacy needs change. Recent platform extensions include automated solutions and partner integrations to further help companies manage privacy compliance: Risk Profile: first of its kind, it powers an automated, comprehensive view of risk that organizations incur as they operationalize privacy practices to meet the demands of global regulations. It includes a Risk Algorithm to identify high-risk business activities, and a Risk Evaluation Heat Map to indicate the perceived inherent risk of a particular business process. It maps company details against relevant regulations, identifying which laws apply to users’ businesses. Data Inventory Hub: creates a detailed, up to date inventory of data collected along with visual data flow maps of all business processes. Proven data inventory best practices are engineered into the system to record information about the data collected, and generate compliance reports. Intelligence Engine: powered by proprietary algorithms across the TrustArc platform based on GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy, data governance and security standards to automate, simplify, and tailor privacy program development and maturity, compliance and risk management for organizations of all sizes and across industry sectors. Individual Rights Manager: an end-to-end solution that helps organizations manage consumer rights/DSAR requests to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

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