Keyboarding Without Tears - Learning Without Tears

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Best Instructional Solution in Non-Core Areas

Keyboarding Without Tears is a unique, research-proven typing program that employs a patented approach to help all students in grades build essential foundation and keyboarding skills. Our targeted, game-based curriculum fits perfectly into the developmental progression of writing and builds computer readiness, digital citizenship, and digital literacy skills. Keyboarding Without Tears makes learning easy and fun with highly effective proven methods that provide students with the keyboarding skills they need to succeed on any digital assignment, in any setting. What sets Keyboarding Without Tears apart? - Grade-level specific curriculum - Proven to improve keyboarding technique and speed. - Patented Home Row instruction approach. - Pre-keyboarding activities - Simple teaching methodology - Cross-curricular content - Digital citizenship lessons Keyboarding Without Tears provides lessons that build foundation skills, typing skills, and muscle memory. We use rich and varied activities to teach keyboarding skills along with: - Capitalization and punctuation practice - Word and sentence practice - Common keyboarding and computer functions - Lessons that include multisensory elements and can be easily connected to other subjects. Additional lessons that take keyboarding practice to the next level and reinforce note-taking skills, independent writing, dictation, and more.

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