The Brightspace learning platform by D2L - D2L Inc.

Winner In:
Best K-12 Learning Management Solution (LMS)
Best Professional Learning Solution for Faculty & Administrative Staff

Brightspace is a virtual and classroom cloud-based learning platform, with better than 99.9% uptime, built by D2L for people that care deeply about student success. It provides a set of tools that quickly enables every learner and instructor to be more successful in achieving their potential. It is easy to support all types of learning experiences, with robust tools to create engaging content and courses. Designed for mobile-first, it works on all devices. Inclusion is a part of D2Ls organizational culture. Accessibility is an integral component of the development cycle. By aligning processes with global accessibility standards, Brightspace is usable by people with disabilities and interoperable with assistive technologies. D2L enables the future of learning with a gaming engine, adaptive learning, video management, virtual personal assistants, templated interactives for course design, full support for competency-based learning, and actionable learning analytics helping both instructors and learners improve outcomes making predictions that help you take the right actions. Intuitive learning analytics reports help you understand performance for departments, courses, or individuals so you can make better decisions. We believe technology can be harnessed to make education more human giving both learners and instructors more time for personal feedback, pursuit of excellence, and engaging in learning activities with peers, study.

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