ANTstein SQUARE - AntWorks

Winner In:
Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution

AntWorks disrupted the traditional Robotics Process Automation (RPA) industry and created a whole new technology category, the Integrated Automation Platform (IAP). It changed the way the industry views automation, going beyond RPA. Benchmarked against competitors who�ve been in the industry for far longer, AntWorks is tipped to revolutionise business processes and the overall operational efficiencies of enterprises in every sector by helping them move past task-based automation and achieve scalable, end-to-end business process automation. When AntWorks entered the market, its founders were very clear that they were not going to replicate yet another, non-scalable RPA tool which did not address the unstructured data challenge enterprises face (80% of enterprise data is unstructured). With a firm belief, that data is the most critical component in an automation journey, the AntWorks platform was built to extract and read all data types. The founding team invented an alternative to OCR (Optical Character Recognition), the industry�s standard tool for extracting data. Called Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR), AntWorks� proprietary technology uses fractal science and pattern recognition to read and ingest every data type. Thus, AntWorks ANTstein SQUARE offering was born as the industry�s first IAP that provides enterprises with the ability to process all types of data using an all in one solution for data curation, building, deploying and managing an AI-enabled digital workforce

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