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The purpose of digital transformation is not to become more digital. It's to generate growth. Digital transformation isn't about implementing digital platforms and cutting edge technology, it's about achieving growth by being committed to three key areas:


  • Developing transformational strategies
  • Creating seamless customer experiences
  • Building smarter, faster, more flexible organizations
Join the discussion with thought leaders from growth agent Prophet and your peers in business media to create a road map for unlocking the potential of your company to grow.  



Darrell Ross, Partner, Digital Transformation, Prophet


Michael Marchesano, Managing Director, Connectiv Division, SIIA

"Disrupt or Die" has been the rallying cry for decades, but what does it actually mean to be disruptive, to make it the center of your strategy? To be on the right side of disruption requires not just the right strategy but also the culture and leadership to drive the execution. All-too-many organizations shy away from breakthrough strategies because they don't believe they can change their organizational culture. You don't want to be one of them. 

Many organizations have systematically, intentionally disrupted their culture and the way they lead to transform their organizations to drive disruptive growth. We'll look at the elements of a disruptive growth culture and outline the first steps you can take to identify and prioritize the beliefs and practices that you must disrupt. It's not for the faint of heart - disrupting your culture requires discipline, process and united leadership. But the reward will build an organization that thrives on meeting challenges rather than one that cowers in the face of change. 

Keynote Speaker:

Charlene Li, Founder and Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group

Learn how Inc. evolved their product strategy to include class-leading third-party partners, such as a NetLine, to position their organization for growth, optimize margins, and scale digital revenues cost efficiently and effectively. 

Sit in as Jennifer Henkus, VP of Marketing at Inc., and David Fortino, SVP Audience & Product at NetLine, discuss how the convergence of internal growth strategies paired with external strategic partnerships can equate to meaningful revenue acceleration.


David Fortino, SVP Audience and Product, NetLine

Jennifer Henkus, VP of Marketing, Inc.

Join us as we announce the 2019 Gertrude Crain Award recipient. The Award recognizes an exceptional executive in the media and information industry and honors Gertrude Crain, a highly regarded B2B leader and former chair of Crain Communications. We'll also celebrate other outstanding women executives who enter Connectiv's "Circle of Excellence," an acknowledgment of their achievements and contributions.

In recent years, many B2B information companies have positioned themselves as “pure play” or “events first” businesses, and some of the largest M&A deals have been driven heavily by events portfolios.  Trade shows and other events have many attractive attributes, but their growth can be limited over time if not supported by robust media, marketing services, and other product types that provide more integrated solutions to maximize both exhibitor and attendee relationships.

Join us as David Kieselstein, who has experienced both the sell side (as former CEO of Penton and one of the architects of Penton’s $1.56 billion sale to Informa) and buy side (now as Chairman, Executive Board of MidOcean Partners) shares how information companies can create lasting growth through a fully integrated information services offering.

Keynote Speaker:

David Kieselstein, Chairman of the Executive Board, MidOcean Partners

Hosting events provides a substantial revenue stream for Trade Media.  Statista reports sponsorships are expected to exceed $63 billion dollars and 81% of marketers feel that live events are increasingly more important to their company’s success (Bizzabo). In this session, Todd Krizelman, CEO of MediaRadar will dive into the event market and show you how it really impacts your business.


Todd Krizelman, CEO, MediaRadar

Even if an organization has a strong strategy, unless it can unlock the power of its people to drive change, the strategy won't translate into results. Join us for an exclusive look at how to access current leadership to identify strengths that can be leveraged or behavior gaps that may be getting in the way of success. 


Angela Scalpello, Strategy Activator, Angela Scalpello

Digital-first has evolved into "data-first." But does your organization really understand the data opportunity that it has, as well as the tools at your disposal for leveraging that data? Christian Ward, chief data officer at SourceMedia, former chief data officer for InfoGroup and global head of content innovation at Thomson Reuters, will show how to fast track your data strategy by following four steps to becoming DataSmart. 


Christian Ward, Chief Data Officer, SourceMedia

CASL and GDPR were just the beginning. With a flurry of new data privacy proposals at the state (most notably the California Consumer Privacy Act), national and international levels, an adaptive, replicable process for data compliance will be an essential part of your business. Experts from SIIA's policy team will highlight what you need to know about upcoming proposals as well as how GDPR is now being enforced and reality check some misconceptions (such as whether it's cheaper to get fined than go through the process of complying). Continue the conversation with SIIA's policy team during the Leadership Discussions. 


Christopher Mohr, General Counsel, Vice President of Intellectual Property, SIIA

Join your peers and become part of the content in a series of moderated discussion groups including:

  • Developing a Data Strategy

  • Mistake Proofing Your Product Development

  • Remaking Your Leadership Chain

  • Picking the Right Data Provider
  • M&A Trends That Independents Need to Know 

  • How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning Can Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs

  • Preparing for Data Privacy Laws

  • The Paywall Shift: Converting Users into Subscribers


The world of work is not what it used to be. Workplaces are becoming workspaces and the workforce is becoming agile units of continuous learning – just to remain relevant. As the CEO of the world’s largest association dedicated to people and work, Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., has a vision of HR that is anything but traditional. The world is entering what's been called the Fourth Industrial Revolution – and this one is not just about the future of artificial intelligence, but the importance of collaboration between humans and machinery. Connectiv is proud to have Mr. Taylor, President & CEO of SHRM, share his vision of the emerging workplace and the future of work. 

Keynote Speaker:

Johnny Taylor, President and CEO, SHRM-SCP

B2B is sometimes seen as the dull sibling of B2C. The Drum says, screw that! Co-founder and CEO Diane Young offers a rapid fire take on how The Drum brings creativity and flair to the game, from tweaking snooty competitors to using AI to break new ground to making a live audience part of the editorial process. 


Diane Young, Co-founder and CEO, The Drum

Data is now the foundation of successful B2B marketing and sales and the major data providers have a direct impact on how media and information companies capitalize on the audience driven future whether it be as partner, competitor or more broadly influencing marketer expectations and strategies. But how do you decide which partner is for you, particularly when so many data partnerships in the past have ended up benefitting the data provider far more than the publisher? 

Join us as Forrester principal analyst Steven Casey offers an exclusive look at a 21-point Forrester evaluation of B2B marketing data providers from Bombora to ZoomInfo that will give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about who is the best fit for your business as well as an understanding of how the audience game is changing and what you must do to stay relevant.    


Steven Casey, Principal Analyst, Forrester

In 2015, the majority of Connectiv members said that by 2020,  they will no longer think of themselves as business media but rather "business solutions" or "technology solutions" providers. With 2020 right around the corner, we ask a panel of CEOs to reality check where the industry and their own organizations are, and where they see their companies five years from today. 


Bill Carter, CEO, ALM


Alex Ford, CEO, Lexipol

Mark Murphy, President and CEO, travAlliancemedia

Gemma Postlethwaite, CEO, SourceMedia

The information business is an industry in evolution. Some companies have transitioned to new realities, others have not. Moving forward doesn’t just require new products and new hires, it means a whole new way of looking at what your business is and what it can be. Hear how one leading PE executive challenges his teams to evaluate themselves, develop strategic plans that are clear to all and evaluate acquisitions that take the enterprise forward.


Jim Lindner, Member, Executive Board, Aurora Capital

If the old "three-legged stool" of the information business was content, advertising and circulation, the new three-legged stool is the marriage of content, data and software tools that make your company a vital component of the customer's workflow. In 2018, FiscalNote, a software and data company that offers business intelligence to the government space and boasts more than 1,300 clients and backing from investors such as Mark Cuban, Steve Case and Jerry Yang, acquired publisher CQ Roll Call, for $180 million.  

Described by customers as the "Mark Zuckerberg of government relations," FiscalNote co-founder and CEO Tim Hwang will share what an information company like CQ Roll Call offers a company with true tech roots like FiscalNote, as well as his vision of what the union of information and technology can bring. 

Keynote Speaker:

Tim Hwang, Co-founder and CEO, FiscalNote

Looking for inspiration? The 2019 Connectiv Innovation Awards celebrate cutting-edge strategies, product launches and cultural transformations helping reinvent the business media and information industry. Hear first-hand the winning stories in a rapid-fire series of case studies and vote for the overall People's Choice Award in real-time on the Executive Summit app!

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    Hanley Wood: Project 360--Less Than Zero
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    Watt Gobal Media: Using Digital Convergent Technology to Optimize Production Workflow
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Join us for an exclusive look at audience performance metrics that can help benchmark where you and your organization need to be, as well as a discussion on what else we should be tracking as an industry to optimize performance and deliver ROI for both readers and advertisers. Get directional data on digital product performance as well as making the shift from unknown to known audience. 


James Capo, Chief Revenue Officer, Omeda