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ABOUT the Neal Awards

Jesse H. NealThe Jesse H. Neal Awards were created by ABM in 1955 to recognize and reward editorial excellence in business publications. They are named after ABM's first managing director, who remained active in promoting the b-to-b industry throughout his life.

Steady growth in the number of entries over the years is a testament to both ABM's reputation and the prestige of the awards. With 22 categories that reflect the entire multi-platform suite of products used by b-to-b editors today, the Neal Awards represent the changing face of business media.

Specialized business publications have been an expanding force in the United States for more than 300 years. These titles, now joined by their multimedia counterparts, established the tradition of providing service to the business community on two levels: First, they are the primary source of highly specialized technical, professional and economic information for every kind of business audience. Beyond that, they strive to act as the conscience of the fields they serve. The Neal Awards ceremony, supervised by ABM's Editorial & Content Committee, is held annually to honor editorial excellence across all platforms, including print, digital media, events, video, mobile, social media and online applications.

In most cases, the recipients of the Neal Awards have spent many months and thousands of dollars to research and write these articles, blogs and more, striving to achieve the b-to-b industry's main goal: to educate and inform business, professional and industrial communities. ABM extends its appreciation to its member editors, who give business media its powerful voice.

Entries are submitted in one of three classifications, based upon the publication's gross advertising and circulation revenue; some categories had no revenue classification.

All entries go through a two-tiered screening process in order to reach the final judging. The Stage I Screening Board is composed of more than 150 experienced business media editors. The highest-scoring entries are passed on to the Stage II Screening Panel, composed of past and present members of the ABM Editorial & Content Committee, which pares the entries down to four per category for final judging. The Board of Judges, 12 to 18 professionals knowledgeable in all aspects of business journalism, makes the final decisions. Entries are scored in three areas: journalistic enterprise, extent of service to the field and editorial craftsmanship.

Previous Winners of the Grand Neal Award

The Grand Neal Award honors the most outstanding entry from among the winners in all categories.

Fire Engineering
"Oklahoma City"

Sales & Marketing Management
"Diversity in Sales"

National Jeweler
"Ruby/Emerald Treatment"

PC World
"Privacy in the Internet Age"

PC World
"Web @ Warp Speed"

"The New Hours Rules"

Pharmaceutical Executive
"Discovery Series"

"Making it in 2002"

"All Systems Down"

"We Did Nothing Wrong"

Farm Journal
"Asian Soybean Rust Takes Root in the U.S."

IEEE Spectrum
"Re-Engineering Iraq"

"Red Gold Rush"

Heavy Duty Trucking
"Fuel Crisis Survival"

IEEE Spectrum
"Why Mars? Why Now?"

Farm Journal, Top Producer, Dairy Today, AgWeb, AgDay, U.S. Farm Report
"The Farm Journal Legacy Project"

Architectural Record
"New York: The Death and Life of a Great American City"

IEEE Spectrum
"A Shocking Truth"

"CSA's Data Trail"
Randall-Reilly Publishing Company