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The Timothy White Award

Timothy White AwardThe Timothy White Award recognizes exemplary leadership in the face of challenges and pressures that editors face daily. It is given to an editor whose work displays extraordinary courage, integrity, and passion. This award is named after the longtime editor of Billboard who served as the moral compass of the music industry by tackling controversial issues before he passed away in 2002.

2015 Recipient: Richard Korman

Richard KormanRichard Korman is deputy editor at ENR and ENR RiskReview. After dropping out of college and initially working for hobby and fan magazines with titles like 44 Mag and Super Rock, he found his way to trade journalism in New York City as a junior editor at ENR, the construction magazine. He was able to immerse himself in the business of the built environment, including company strategy, workplace accidents and natural disasters — all staples of ENR's coverage. Korman moved beyond reporting on the news, leading to cover stories about poor quality of life for traveling industrial construction workers and a cash drain at Washington Group International that had been disguised by an accounting trick. Later, ENR's top editor added managing content on ENR.com, the magazine's award-winning website, to Korman's duties. Then, as ENR expanded its newsletter portfolio and conference programs, he launched its RiskReview newsletter and risk summits in 2012. That allowed him to expand ENR's coverage of legal affairs, regulatory compliance and ethics. In recent years Korman has teamed with a data journalist, freelance reporters and interns to explore subjects such as same-sex bullying and insurance guarantee fraud. During his career he has been part of teams at ENR that have won four Neal Awards.

About the Award

Timothy WhiteThe Timothy White Award was established to acknowledge the daily challenges and pressures that editors face. Named after the longtime editor of Billboard magazine, who passed away in June 2002, the award is given to an editor whose work displays courage, integrity and passion.

Recipients of the Timothy White Award serve as the conscience of their publication and fearlessly support important industry causes. They stand up to outside pressures - whether from advertisers, industry executives or upper management - that threaten to interfere with the goal of placing readers first and maintaining independent, honest and ethical journalism.

Adamant that Billboard cover not only the most acclaimed or famous artists, White regularly wrote about unsung performers in his column, "Music to My Ears," and was an outspoken advocate of artists' rights. He often served as the music industry's moral compass by tackling controversial issues.

He started his career as a copyboy and sports and entertainment writer for the Associated Press in 1972, after graduating from Fordham University. He was managing editor and then senior editor of seminal music magazine Crawdaddy from 1976 to 1978. He served as associate editor and later senior editor at Rolling Stone from 1978 to 1982, where he interviewed such legends as Johnny Carson and Mike Wallace.

White authored several books, including Catch a Fire, an award-winning biography of Bob Marley, and acclaimed biographies on the Beach Boys (The Nearest Faraway Place: Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys, and the Southern California Experience) and James Taylor (Long Ago and Far Away: James Taylor, His Life and Music), as well as a collection of Billboard essays titled "Music to My Ears." He was awarded four prestigious ASCAP-Deems Taylor Awards for his book Rock Lives: Profiles & Interviews, for his "Music to My Ears" columns, for his 1993 Century Award Portrait of the Artist profile of George Harrison and for his editing of Billboard's series on work for hire and musical copyrights.

He was also host and co-producer of "Timothy White's Rock Stars/The Timothy White Sessions," an award-winning, nationally syndicated radio series.

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