American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA)

Today, SIIA joined with the Computer & Communications Industry Association and Technet in a letter to Senate and House leadership on the American Data Privacy and Protection Act. While uniform federal privacy law is essential for consumer protection, promote global trade and more — the legislation contains several provisions that concern our collective member companies.

The letter which can be read in full here, said:

We believe that there is a path forward to resolve these issues. That path involves Congress stating clearly that its federal privacy law will be the uniform standard and that state laws creating qualitatively equivalent rights or duties are preempted. If that path must involve a private right of action, such a right must prevent class action abuse and be narrowly tailored to remedy substantial privacy harms that are specific, individualized, and tangible. Such an approach enables consumers to have clearly defined rights and businesses to have streamlined and scalable compliance. It also provides redress for individual consumers that are truly injured while enabling the federal government to create uniform rules of the road.

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It’s here. It’s now. Artificial intelligence will change the way you publish content – if you let it.

SIIA Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy Paul Lekas weighs in on how the ethics of artificial intelligence is impacting the publishing industry.

AI cannot exercise judgment or create opinion or commentary. AI cannot replicate the human consciousness. If AI is used in content generation, there has to be a human checkpoint.

SIIA’s Paul Lekas

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