How Platform Economics Can Re-Invent the Information Industry | Video | Slides
Keynote: Debra Walton, Global Managing Director, Customer Proposition, Financial & Risk, Thomson Reuters 

Disrupting Goliath: Tales of a Small Cap Media Innovator | Video | Slides
Keynote: Elizabeth Green, CEO, Brief Media

Why the Smart Money is on Membership: How Melcrum Transformed its Business Model through Customer Value Creation | Video | Slides
Keynote: Victoria Mellor, CEO and Co-Founder, Novatum Group and Kelly Parsons, CEO, OpsCat

What AI Means for You  | Video | Slides
Keynote: Babak Hodjat, CEO and Co-founder, Sentient

Industry Insight

The CDP Opportunity for Publishers | Video | Slides
Patrick Crane, Account Executive, BlueConic

Emerging Leaders Luncheon


Tech Flash

Slides/Cobalt | Slides/MagHub | Slides/Signet | Slides/SquareStack |  | Video/Squarestack | Slides/Unleashed Technologies

Advertising and Marketing Services

The New Marketing Services Blueprint | Audio | Slides
Native Advertising: The Golden Ticket | Audio | Slides
Case Study: How Personalization Drives Farm Journal's Go-to-Market Sales Strategy | Audio
Selling Business Outcomes, Not Impressions Audio Slides
ABM Explained: How To Build an Account Based Marketing Program Audio | Slides
The Business Case for Sales Automation (Hint: It Doesn't Mean Giving Up Control) | Video | Audio
45 Sales Tips in 45 Minutes

Audience Engagement

37 Tips to Improve Your Customer Onboarding | Audio
Content Marketing for Content Businesses | Video | Slides/Ristigano | Slides/Goldstein
Creating an Effective Email Series that Engages, Nurtures and Converts | Slides | Audio
Safeguard Your Most Important Business Assets: Your Website and Audience Data | Slides
Crafting Killer Content that Gets Shared | Video | Slides | Audio
Bringing Customers Into Your Marketing, Fulfillment & Product Development | Audio
Re-Engagement Campaigns: How to Reconnect with Current Customers and Reactivate Your Next One | Slides


Excellence In Action  | Slides/LexisNexis  |  Slides/Franklin Trust  |  Slides/Savio | Audio
Data Collection - How to Optimize Your Research Methodologies | Slides/Manning | Slides/Anderson | Slides/Roberto | Audio
Optimizing the Customer Experience to Maximize Retention  | Slides/Greenler Sexton | Audio
Your Product or Mine? | Slides | Audio
Next Generation Data Products | Video  | Slides/Perkins  |  Slides/Valdes-Perez  | Slides/Willis
Know to Grow: Getting Smarter About Your Customers | Audio
Evolving from Product to Consultative Selling: Training and hiring for success in data sales | Slides

Revenue-Generating Marketing

How to Market and Sell Your eLearning and Training Programs Like a Pro | Audio
Direct Mail is Hot Again | Slides | Audio
How to Optimize Your CRM to Drive Customized Campaigns that Excel | Video | Slides | Audio
10 Non-Tech Event Strategies to Boost your Bottom Line Audio | Slides
SIPAward Winner Case Study on Successful Integrated Marketing | Slides | Audio
Revolutionary New Tools for Tracking Website Visitors and Turning Them into Customers | Slides
Developing a Winning Account-based Marketing Strategy for Your Business | Slides


Where B2B is Going (and What It Will Take to Get There) | Audio
Experience Trumps Efficiency and ROI: The New Reality of Audience Engagement | Slides | Audio
Buyers Speak: What Investors Are Looking for in B2B M&A | Audio
The Pathway to Building a Real Data- and Analytics-Driven Business | Audio | Slides
Invest, Inquire or Ignore: The Emerging Trends Scorecard | Audio
Strategy Track Special Session - CEO Discussion: Creating a Culture of Engagement and Innovation | Audio

BIMS Wrap-Up



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