Podcasts Must Inform But Don't Forget the Entertainment Quotient

On a recent webinar titled Podcasting for Publishers: How Podcasts Can Deliver Qualified Leads and Bottom-Line Revenue for Minimal Investment, Lynn Freer, president of Spidell Publishing, told about running into a tax accountant listener at one of her events. He kidded her about his wife wondering who that woman with the great voice is who he's conversing with every Sunday morning.


'The Best Times to Be a Storyteller' - 2020 Report Offers Ways to Tell it Best

Last week at BIMS—after speaking for 30-plus minutes about the vital nature of digital design and the reading revolution that digital has thrust upon us—Mario Garcia, a Columbia professor and author of the new book, The Story, closed his well-received keynote by saying: "The takeaway is if you have a good story, people will stay with you... I don't sit here and lament what was. I celebrate what is. These are the best times to be a storyteller, but you have to explore all that is there."


Insights From a Myth-Busting Millennial Business Study

"They want to meet you. Almost 2/3 (61%) would prefer to conduct new business meetings face-to-face; and 76% would prefer to build a personal relationship with a vendor or partner. They are craving in-person contact, not digital isolation."