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How Knowing Your Customer Boosted These Executives' Bottom Lines

"During my early years in the company, I was fairly analytical in how I approached most situations. And although that served a purpose, I later realized that you can be much more effective if you recognize the importance of people in business. The sooner you learn about reading people, listening to others and building relationships, the sooner you will be more effective."


Identify the Problem, Then Develop the Product, a Panel Agrees

Towards the end of a takeaway-stuffed session at our BIMS conference in November titled Bringing Customers Into Your Marketing, Fulfillment & Product Development, Jim Sinkinson of Fired Up! Marketing asked his fellow panelists this: "Do you ever get to the point of asking customers or prospects, 'Would you buy it [if we built it]'? How do you get as close as possible to the answer in your interactions with customers?"


'Sell it First and Create it Second' - the Best Processes for Innovation

“Innovation isn’t just a tool to grow, it’s a survival tactic,” said Greg Hart, director of marketing for PSMJ Resources, during a session on Building a Company-wide Culture of Innovation at the recent SIPA Annual 2017 Conference. That innovation can take on many forms, he said. “You can take an existing product and give it new life. We put on a two-day project management boot camp. It went over budgeting, scheduling and other important areas" that were in their information arsenal. "It proved to be one of our most popular products! The market actually took it on itself to be PMSJ-certified. We would get calls, 'How do I get PMSJ-certified?' "We had been looking for another recurring revenue product." Instead of doing the heavy lift of building something from scratch, Hart said building from something you already have will often be the answer. Here are more ideas from that session: “Have a think tank where you can bring people t ...