What's IN and What's OUT for Publishing in 2018

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What would be late December without our annual What's IN and What's OUT List? As always, we'll leave (most of) the politics, celebrities and sports stuff to others and stick to our own topics.





Customer success team



If you build it, they will come

(Field of Dreams)

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often (Churchill)


Bridge roles

Push alerts


Content creators

Product developers

Ad blocking

Google purge

Standing desks

Treadmill desks

Not meeting with your peers to discuss what's working and what's not 

Connectiv CEO Summit, May 9-11, 2018, NOPSI Hotel, New Orleans

Artificial intelligence

Augmented intelligence



Time Inc.


Next-day coverage

Reporting in real time

Trying to do everything

Prioritizing and saying "no"

Talking about podcasts

Doing podcasts

Digital platforms

Digital hangouts

Selling that doesn't work

Selling t-shirts (Read this by Jamie Mottram, former director of social content for Gannett, now president of BreakingT.) 

How we do our job

Why we do our job

BIMS 2017

BIMS 2018 (Nov. 12-14)

Interactive stories

Interactive games

One-night stands
(certain website visitors)

Meaningful relationships


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