Mysterious Charleston Swelling of B2B Media Execs Expected Mid-May 2019

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March 26, 2019 (Washington, DC) - Satire

In what appears to be an unprecedented trend, experts are predicting a swelling of B2B Media Executives in Charleston, SC in Mid-May and it could possibly lead to a temporary shortage of hundreds, possibly thousands of B2B Media Executives across the US. It's not yet clear what is drawing all of these executives out of New York and other B2B media hubs, but there appears to be a magnetic epicenter of leadership, innovation and inspiration somewhere around South Carolina, as the data we're getting keeps pointing there. We did some research and based on what we could find, we've narrowed it down to two possible events: it's either The Charleston Beer Fest or the Connectiv Executive Summit, taking place May 14-16, 2019. Data is still coming in, but conversations with locals and industry executives are certainly pointing to the 2019 #execsummit as the true cause of this #CharlestonSwelling

A B2B Media insider, Diana, told us "I'm just headed south on May 14 and following the crowd." She continued. "I don't know how they've been able to get such a diverse line-up of Keynotes and programming, but did you see they have Tim Hwang, David Kieselstein, Charlene Li and Johnny Taylor, I mean, who does that? This is gonna be Epic."

We also headed down south to get a pulse on the locals and Clare Matthews, a barista at C-Town S-presso, said "I just don't know if we have enough espresso to meet the demand." There is growing concern that the amount of innovation, information-sharing and connections made may be too much for this charming southern town to handle. But she did say that "they are up to the challenge and will welcome the B2B Media community with open espresso machines and B2B themed latte art."

We also spoke with "Greg", a B2B media executive in Manhattan, who remains anonymous because he fears drawing too much attention from his colleagues. He said "You know I was at the Connectiv Executive Summit last year in New Orleans and I've seen the power this event can have, but the buzz this year, around the circles I run in, is that this thing could be so big this year, that SXSW may just cancel their whole event next year because they can't compete with the innovation, diversity and impact that the #execsummit will have this year."

With all of our research, it is now clear that this temporary shortage of B2B Media Executives is most certainly due to the Connectiv Executive Summit, but we're going to ensure we're not missing anything, so we'll be headed to charming Charleston on May 14th to report live from the event to fully understand why hundreds of media executives are so committed to this event. And to quote a concerned Industry Executive “we have two concerns: will there be enough B2B Media Executives left to run their companies during this time and how do I register today and book my room?”


Benjamin Benjamin Price, Senior Director, Membership & Marketing, SIIA