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SIPAward-Winning Podcasts Benefit From Synergy and Timeliness

One session at SIPA Annual 2019 June 3-5 in Washington, D.C., that already has my attention is How 3 Publishers Became Award-Winning Podcasters starring Joseph Coleman, director of content, Coleman Publishing, Lynn Freer, president, Spidell Publishing Inc. and Stephanie Williford, CEO, EB Medicine.


Sales Advice From a New Film and a SIPAward Winner

I attended a film premiere last week of a movie called Puzzle, about two people thrown together to compete in a national jigsaw puzzle contest. Glasgow native Kelly Macdonald stars in the film and came to talk to us after. She has appeared in several films such as one of the Harry Potters and No Country for Old Men plus the award-winning TV show Boardwalk Empire.


What Is Our Audience Struggling With, Successful Podcasts Ask?

Podcast numbers keep growing—about 35% of Americans ages 18-54 now listen in. "People are adding more podcasts to their media diet [each month]," said Edison Research in their April survey and subsequent webinar. And what's great about podcasts is that they don't have to be huge productions.   Witness CampWire, the podcast of the American Camp Association (ACA). It has aired 10 episodes so far, and the last one on staff training drew the biggest audience. Camp directors tune in, and it was May, so no surprise there.   Sam Hirt, communications data specialist at the ACA, launched the podcast and offered some tips in an article in Associations Now. We add some SIPA notes to it.   Know your audience and what they care about. "What do [listeners] want to hear about?" Hirt asked. "Can we talk for 40 minutes to an hour about it? And who is going to be the right voice for it?" Said Stephanie Williford, CEO, EB M ...