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Marketing Survey Calls for Better Onboarding and Self-Promotion

"We ran a 'Cyber Week' deal the last week in November and secured 4% of our total new membership for the year in that week alone. The deal was 15 months of membership for the price of 12. The campaign was sent to all non-members in our database and increased awareness of our organization and the benefits and resources that we offer."


10 Ways to Successfully Onboard Your Customers

In a clever article titled How to Lose a Member in 10 Days on the MemberSuite site, marketing manager Kelli Eidson wrote, "Day Two: Have a lackluster welcome strategy. It is critical to personalizing the member's experience right off the bat and making them aware of their benefits. A good welcome packet will have everything a member needs to engage with [you]... Without it, they're likely to churn."


Empowerment, Reaching Out and Analytics Keys to Successful Retention

"As much as you can in your business, empower people," said Heather Farley, COO of Access Intelligence, kicking off SIPA's energizing and packed Best Practices Conference on Customer Onboarding and Retention. "People are also happier that way. Their stress level is lower. [It's saying,] 'I trust you, I trust your judgment to make the right decisions and handle situations.'"