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Virtual Events May Be a Great Answer in These Down-Travel Times

Half the respondents who have attended a virtual event said they would do so again. But only a third of those who have not attended a virtual event indicated an interest in attending one. So there's an education component here. But a virtual event remains an attractive option because it helps offset the biggest stressors of attending events—being away and logistics—especially in these troubled times of people traveling less.   Education Week's Online Summits "are an ideal way for busy educators to access timely information about a range of critical issues in K-12 education easily by using their phones or desktops and integrating their learning directly into their usual workflow," wrote Matthew Cibellis, director of programming, live & virtual events, for Education Week, in his 2019 SIPAward-winning entry. "This cross-departmental partnership led by the editorial team's deep, rich content in a multitude of K-12 areas provides learners ...


Education Week's Videos Lead to Important Action on Vaping and a SIPAward

A couple weeks ago, an article in The Washington Post reminded readers that "Thirty years ago this fall, the savings and loan crisis penetrated America's living rooms." And that "The Keating Five story was actually broken by the National Thrift News, a small mortgage industry newspaper, not one of the major national newspapers such as The Washington Post, the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal."   I bring this up because the winning 2019 SIPAward entry for Best Video Product came from Editorial Projects in Education (Education Week) and, while not breaking any major news, it did have an impact in a change that might save lives—on Thursday, vaping maker Juul halting sales of mint-flavored e-cigarettes, its most popular product.   This comes amid expectations that the Trump administration is close to imposing a ban on all flavored e-cigarettes, except for menthol and tobacco, according to the Post. The fact that Education Week played a part in moving ...