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AI Spotlight: Stagnant Healthcare Policy has not Stopped IBM Watson from Driving Innovation in Medical Care

In our AI spotlight this week, we highlight IBM Watson Health, an element of IBM Watson’s cognitive computing system that utilizes AI and machine learning to accelerate the discovery of new medicine, facilitate personalized care plans and interpret medical tests more efficiently and accurately, among other solutions. These solutions are transformative in solving vital health challenges and essential in improving patient outcomes moving forward.  more

IBM Urges Congress to Refocus Dialogue Surrounding AI

For this reason, IBM Senior Vice President David Kenny sent an open letter to the newly-formed House of Representatives Artificial Intelligence Caucus, urging Congress and the public to “move beyond fear tactics and refocus the AI dialogue on three priorities I believe are core to this discussion: Intent, Skills and Data.” The letter dispels many of the misconceptions surrounding the purpose and economic impact of AI, and it highlights what lawmakers and individuals can do to harness the transformative benefits of AI. more

AI Spotlight: Thomson Reuters's Machine Learning Tool Helps Journalists Report Breaking News Faster and More Accurately

Social media channels like Twitter have been transformative in providing personalized experiences to their users in record breaking time. Users like investigative journalists and reporters have the ability to access a plethora of information and news quicker than ever. In today’s age, many breaking news stories surface and spread first on social media before hitting the press. However, given the over 500 million tweets sent each day, it can be tough for journalists and reporters to differentiate real stories from fake news or unrelated trending topics. Unfortunately, fake news websites often take advantage of social media platforms to drive web traffic in order to gain more coverage. As a result, reporting breaking news stories can often involve sifting through videos, opinions, and content that may or may not be newsworthy.