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Two Progressive Leaders Tell How Transparency Has Led to Success

Each month, Mathilde Collin, CEO and co-founder of collaboration software provider Front, gives a presentation to the entire company where she shares how things are going. "It's important that everyone knows everything," says Collin in an article on Fast Company. "Our product is aimed at sharing as much as possible. In-boxes are public, and everyone can see every support request or customer review. People know the good and bad."


How Money-Media Attracts and Retains the Best Talent

In a full-screen video on Financial Times division Money-Media's homepage—with the headline, "Why should you work for Money-Media?" above it—New York City looks fast-paced and beautiful. We hear from various employees about the career-growing opportunities, trust and camaraderie bursting forth in their brick-laden office. Then we see laughter and food at staff gatherings, a softball title and comfortable meetings.


Member Profile: Money-Media's Managing Director Dan Fink Shares Priorities

Dan Fink is the managing director of Money-Media, which is owned by Financial Times. He recently attended and spoke at his first SIPA Annual Conference and will be presenting at our Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) Nov. 13-15 on How to Optimize Your CRM to Drive Customized Campaigns that Excel. We spoke by phone for this profile.