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Life Annuity Specialist's One-Click Trial Success

The original trial sign-up page for Money-Media's Life Annuity Specialist looked a bit intimidating. It had several boxes to fill out, a password to create, enter and re-enter, and many asterisks which usually isn't good. Then there was a testimonial, a confirmation box, "privacy and cookie policies," and finally the Sign Up button at the bottom. Whew!


Tips and Tools for Telling Stories Using Data

Back at SIPA 2019 in June, Emily Laermer, managing editor for Ignites at Money-Media, presented an excellent session titled Numbers Drive Engagement: Telling Compelling Stories Using Data. Ignites covers the mutual fund industry. Her previous title at Money-Media was data visualization editor and included work for Board IQ which covers mutual fund directors.


Attracting Talent Takes Attention to Job Boards, Networks and Social Media

"Why should you work for Money-Media?" is the headline to a crisp, fast-paced video on the homepage of the Financial Times-owned company. In the impressive 3-minute video, we hear from various employees about the career-growing opportunities, trust and camaraderie bursting forth in their brick-laden office. Then we see laughter and food at staff gatherings, a softball title and comfortable meetings.