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Study Confirms Email's High Stature But Also Lays Out Time Being Spent

The opportunity to drive even higher engagement—mentioned earlier—will come courtesy of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the study says.And companies seem to acknowledge that, with 96.2% believing those tools can improve the customer experience. But the study also shows that 38% do not yet trust the effectiveness of AI. "Moreover, marketers are concerned about the challenges of converting to those technologies. Of the 486 marketers polled, 70% are worried about the obstacles in implementing and training. An equal percentage are concerned about the hassles of switching or adding a platform. In addition, 67% fear giving up editorial control, and 54% added investment." "Like any relationship, be honest and do what you say you are going to do," Hernandez advised. "Be clear." If your first email promises new benefits coming their way, those benefits should come. Use analytics to id ...


9 Ways Your Email Content Can Lead to More Conversions

"By taking a very conversational approach to my emails, I'll get dozens of replies to my weekly updates," said Ryan Robinson, a marketing consultant, in a post from the email marketing company Delivra. They asked 20 experts Their Best Advice on Engaging Email That Converts. "By building that genuine connection over weeks and months, without constantly blasting hardcore sales emails their way, I'm able to capture their true attention..."