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Monday, Think Multitask, Tuesday Post on LinkedIn, Wednesday...

It's Thursday, always lots to do. But one thing you should not do, according to best-selling author Daniel Pink, is start a change initiative. Instead, start it on the day after a holiday or at the beginning of a quarter, or on a Monday," Pink says in his most recent book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.


It's All in the Timing, Say a Couple Well-Known Sales Experts

"If you call a lead in the first five minutes after they submit a web form, they're 100 times more likely to get on the phone," said Ryan Dohrn, founder/CEO Brain Swell Media. "So when that form is downloaded, it hits my salesperson's phone. People say, 'That's so creepy.' That's not creepy; that's good salesmanship. 'Hi. You just downloaded my media kit, do you have any questions?' 'Yes I do.'"


Daniel Pink's Tips to Increase Productivity

When I work from home, as I did yesterday, I tend to start early, break for a while in the afternoon, and then rally some towards the end of the day—which was important because we had a SIPA Brain Trust dinner last night.