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Collaboration and Culture Go Hand in Hand, Experts Say

Company culture—something Tim Hartman, CEO of Government Executive Media Group, emphasized in last year's SIPA Annual 2018 keynote—matters greatly in buyers' minds. Eight in ten said that being clear about what the company stands for and believes in can be game-changing for the business—"especially if the company's core values and beliefs can be encapsulated in some form of marketing asset."


9 Action Items From SIPA Annual 2018

When putting on a webinar, we may have a tendency to be satisfied with a great speaker, valuable content and knowledge that the audience will really benefit from this. Matthew Cibellis, director of programming, live and virtual events, Education Week, would say that one thing is missing from that formula that directly affects how many people will attend—a strong title.


SIPA 2018 Speakers Weigh in on Digital Revenue and Growth

The SIPA Annual 2018 Conference, which begins three weeks and a day from today on Tuesday, June 5, is designed to elaborate on the digital opportunities and to encourage innovation to help publishers monetize and grow. The list of industry people who are attending is impressive, and there will be plenty of time for networking and picking some knowledgeable brains.