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How the National Journal Transitioned Into a Successful Membership Organization

In 2010, the then 40-year-old National Journal had about 150 journalists, president Kevin Turpin recalls. "We have 25 now," he told a SIPA 2019 audience earlier this month. "But we employ over 60 analysts now plus more in research and consulting." Those employees contribute to what's now a bank of about 50,000 PowerPoint presentations and a lucrative custom PowerPoint business.


Listening and a Value Proposition Are New Product Keys, Turpin Says

Communication is not the first thing you think about when deciding to launch a new product, but it should be right up there. Writing about a new product launch, Infiniti Research wrote this: "Our first recommendation was to implement a value-based prioritization framework to help identify the most critical milestone that needs to be focused on to give out the right message to the end-users."