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Mondays Aside, 8 am and 4 pm Test as Good Times to Send Promotions

The Boomtown Rats once sang (Tell Me Why) I Don’t Like Mondays. But I don’t think they were speaking about it from a publisher promotional point of view. Apparently, they could have been. According to The Best Time to Send Emails (for Better Sales) a new study by Omnisend, Monday is the worst day to send promotional emails, even worse than Saturday. Their examination of over 2 billion promotional campaigns confirmed that the best day to send promotional email is Thursday, followed by Tuesday. Here are some other data points from the study: Send Thursday morning. The optimal time for sending email newsletters—those that contain retail offers—is at 8 a.m., just before the workday starts. Those earned an average open rate of 20.32% and a click-through rate of 7.79%—and even more importantly, an average of eight orders per campaign. Thursday is the best day followed by Tuesday and Wednesday. If not early in day, ...