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The Dangers of Deglobalization

Last week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a report entitled, Preventing Deglobalization: An Economic and Security Argument for Free Trade and Investment in ICT.  Given the Brexit vote earlier this year, the G-20 Summit earlier this week, and both major U.S. Presidential candidates’ vocal disapproval of trade deals, this report comes at an excellent time to counteract the public’s declining faith in globalization.   Concerns stemming from the results of a globalized ICT economy are not unjustified.  Some countries have adopted protectionist policies in an attempt to foster their own competitive economies in the global marketplace, and others have done it with national security in mind to ensure that globalized products do not contain malware inserted by a foreign country or company to conduct cyber theft or espionage.  These are both fair reasons for wanting to adjust policy to remedy these concerns.  However, as the Chamber’s report ...


Tech Companies Cooperate with Law Enforcement in Removing Terrorist Propaganda

The dynamics of terrorism have completely transformed. In the past, terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda had minimal global reach and formed hierarchical structures characterized by tight knit communication networks. This is not the case today. Notably, ISIS’ network strays from a rigid hierarchy and forms loosely connected coalitions. Through coalitions, ISIS attracts outsiders from around the world by broadcasting propaganda on various Internet platforms. With the explosion of social media on Internet platforms, terrorist organizations have broadened their scope to reach audiences unattainable by the likes of al-Qaeda in 1990. To stem the spread of terrorist propaganda on the Internet, police organizations like Europol are adapting their counter-terrorism approach. Following the Paris attacks in 2016, Europol recognized that only vast quantities of data can reveal insights about terrorist networks. So, Europol placed a “Fraternity Taskforce” in charge of probing ...